Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Spring 989 - Campaign Update

Spring has returned to the land, and with it has come the campaigning season once more. Ekra is enduring an enforced peace and has no valid targets, so it will sit and recover for this year. They must still send aid to Treyine though. Tropilium is in the same position as Ekra and must also help Treyine out.

With events snowballing towards cataclysm, heroes are emerging from the masses to side with their people. The following nations have found heroes to represent them:
Ekra - Sir Gervaise de Fe
Treyine - Sir Alaric Fitzhugh
Zog-Rot - Mughrant

Who has attacked whom?
Hykar has invaded Treyine
The Brethren have attacked Treyine
Mirish has invaded Zog-Rot

It would appear that Barbax Gutripper has heard of Brother Cedric's exploits and is rushing to meet him, and she has taken her army. Clearly she is intent on stopping the pursuing Treyine soldiery from capturing her next husband! In a similar vein, the Brethren have mobilised with a view to meeting Brother Cedric and taking custody of the Spear of St Lindorf. Who knows why the Mirish have invaded Zog-Rot though?

The situation at the start of Spring 989

Armies at the start of Spring 989
Sir Gervaise de Fe (Hero, CV7, AC8, Mtd Melee, ET, Terror, Shock, WR3)
3 Knights
2 Infantry
2 Crossbows
The Black Company

1 Noble Cavalry
19 Cavalry

4 Clibinarii
1 Cataphracts
1 Chionite Cavalry
2 Elephants
1 Levies
3 Skirmishers

3 Veterans
3 Infantry
3 Auxiliaries
1 Skirmishers

The Rock (Brethren)
2 Brother Knights
1 Brother Sergeants
3 Heavy Spears
1 Peasant Foot
3 Crossbows
1 Peasant Archers
1 Goblin Wolf Riders

Sir Geoffrey Chambers (general until Lord De La Warre returns in Summer 989)
Sir Alaric Fitzhugh
1 Foot Knights
3 Infantry
7 Archers
The White Company
1 Level 1 Mage
1 Level 2 Mage
1 Ekran Knights
1 Tropilium Auxiliary Archers

4 Equites
4 Legionaries
1 Auxiliaries (Mixed)
1 Auxiliary Archers
2 Archers
1 Slingers
1 Artillery

Zog-Rot (Goblins)
Mughrant (CV 7, AC 6, Mtd Melee, ET, Terror, Shock, WR3)
3 Archers
6 Goblins
1 Wolf Riders
1 Black Moon Goblins

Winter 988 - Wandering in the Wilderness

The wind howled across the wasteland that was once the Border Kingdoms. Entire villages lay in ruins, pillaged and burnt by the invading armies. Among them lay Alwinton, Ragnar's adoptive home. The blackened ruins were now dusted in snow, a starkly contrasting testament to the life that once populated the village. The tracks leading from the village had proved that some of the villagers still lived as captives of the goblins. Ragnar thought bleakly on this as the goblin that styled himself King Rech led Ragnar's group onward. It seemed that the goblins were taking the villagers back to a base far into Zog-Rot itself for they had not stopped at any of the goblin villages along the way. Their purpose was clear to Ragnar for he knew that the goblin gods demanded sacrifices and dined on still beating hearts. He only hoped that he would get there in time.

Ragnar had no encounter this season.

Winter 988 - The Further Misadventures of Brother Cedric

The Scene: St Lindorf's Square, an island of serenity in the middle of the bustling city of Little Tutting in the heart of Treyine.

The Time: Early morning, just before dawn.

Brother Cedric approaches the Church of St Lindorf, having fought his way past the guards on one of the bridges over the canal that rings St Lindorf's Square. His objective is to enter the church and recover The Spear of St Lindorf. This sacred relic is valued by all followers of the Red Sun and he has been charged with returning it to the Grand Prior of the Brethren.

For the prelude to this misadventure, read THIS POST. All terrain featured in this report is from Worldworks Games. You can see more photos of this terrain set-up in my Photobucket Album.

The merry band cross onto St Lindorf's Square

Dear Griselda,

It is with some sorrow and yet pride as well, that I have to tell you of the deaths of Brothers Konrad and Siegfried. Both have gone to be at His side and prepare for the coming battle. Brother Konrad will be sadly missed, especially by many of fatherless children, a lot of whom came to look on him as a well almost father figure. His ministrations with the young mothers, would have put many a saint to shame, often carrying on well into the night and the next morning.

Siegfried with his funny way of slurring his words and only drinking from his own canteen, with it’s special mix of herbs. His healing skills were legendary, all he seemed to have to do was breath on you and the pain ebbed away.

I feel honoured to have served Himself with them.

I had best tell you of the events that lead to this sad event. Leaving the injured Brother Klaus to hold the horses, we quickly made our way to the cathedral entrance. Brothers Konrad and Leelove with Herman the Spearman and Henning broke into the side through a window, well several windows to be precise. They made their way towards the altar. The remainder of our band approached the main entrance, causing the guards to flee in terror.

Breaking in

As the other party reached the altar several archers on the balcony open fire injuring Henning and causing the others to take cover. We, meanwhile, rushed up the stairs and slew the vile archers. After chasing away a second group of guards we joined the others in the crypt. It was at this point we realised, none of us had bought a guide book, in the shop, giving the location of the Spear.

Dealing with those pesky archers

We carried on searching the crypt, Brother Konrad narrowly avoiding one trap, but at the second trap he fell onto the spikes below. We knew we had to carry on in his memory.

The Crypt

We entered the crypt itself and found it full of Treyine soldiers, by this point my blood was up and after a few half hearted bowshots, they fled. After searching the crypt, we continued into another room with a large hole in the middle. As the others searched the room I watched the hole, where upon a snake like creature appeared, took one look at us and disappeared, never to be seen again.

The Undercrypt

Eventually we went down the hole and arrived in a room, which while it contained the Spear of St. Lindorf also contained rather a lot of Treyine soldiers and a stout man with a bald head. He radiated the words wizard or wargamer.

Under the Undercrypt

So, we meet at last, Brother Cedric

Thinking a change of tactics were in order we charged straight at them. The other were driven back, but I fought my way towards the wizard. The others came back at them, but soon Brother Siegfried had fallen mortally wounded and Brother Leelove was unconscious. We fought on valiantly particularly young Herman, who slew an undead the wizard had summoned. Just as we were gaining the upper hand and I had gained the dais, the wizard disappeared in a puff of invisible paisley smoke.

We quickly dispatched the remaining guards and carrying the Spear and our fallen headed towards Klaus and the horses. We are now rushing back to the Borders to return the Spear of St. Lindorf to its rightful place.

Hoping all is well at home.
Brother Cedric

PS Has Barbax stopped sending me horses yet?

Yet another great game with tragedy and triumph. The only problem we are finding now with WHAA is that a Rep7 star has it too easy. Groups of enemy troops will almost always rout as soon as he charges at them, unless they are led by a similarly high Rep star too. Still, we are considering a variety of ways around that. In this scenario, the villain was a Rep7 Wizard with the Star ability, so that counteracted Brother Cedric in the final encounter, until the wizard teleported away and left his minions to die. Also, the archers on the balcony were a useful tactic for this. In this case, Cedric could not charge them immediately, because they were out of reach, so they were able to loose a few arrows first.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Coming Soon: Brother Cedric Rides Again

Treyine soldiers stand guard, unaware that Brother Cedric has dispatched their comrades and is heading their way. Can he fight his way past them and into the crypts below where the Spear of St Lindorf rests? And who is the mysterious Drogo de Beauvriere in reality?

Tune in this time next week to find out.