Sunday, 8 May 2016

Campaign Update: Autumn 999

Tropilium carelessly lost an emperor in the summer, but the new emperor is a real firebrand devoted to making Tropilium great again. Pundits round the agora think he may well have been indulging in the divine ambrosia a little too much, and are already getting into production the usual range of trinkets and souvenirs that invading armies are made bankrupt by.

Mirish continues its invasion of Mangu. General Pereira has repeatedly been heard telling anyone who will listen that Mangu represents the greatest threat to Mirish security that Talomir has ever known. It has been reported that his dislike of Mangu stems from their preference for preserved nectarines over the more proper fresh nectarines.

The treaty between Tereken and Treyine ends this season and already the Tereken army seeks to take advantage of Treyine being distracted by Tropilium. They board their longships and launch an assault on Treyine at the first opportunity.

Treyine chooses to ignore the Tereken incursion for now in favour of completing their current plans.

Mater Dies - Treyine vs Tropilium - Summer 999

Hi All,

Late again. :(

Anyways here's the latest battle report. Remember to right click and open image in new tab to see them fully embiggened.

The battle was over quickly when I rolled a 6 for leader at risk after the legion took 1 hit. Unfortunately the legionnaires of Tropilium are fairly brittle, and I didn't take that into account. I also had a situation with the Wind Maiden ships. The troops in them failed their enemy threat tests and so one routed and one retired. I'm not sure if I played it right. I honestly don't really care for the wind maiden at this point, but she's on the list.

I was looking forward to the Heroic combat that was about to take place, but then the whole leader lost thing happened and it went from bad to worse for Tropilium.

In the ensuing major pursuit Tropilium lost two legionaries. But not the generals unit. Is this the end for Tropilium?