Current Campaign Status

Current Date: Summer 1001

The Nations
Altengard (WR 2, NM 2(3), Conquest)
Mangu (WR 4, NM 3(4), Conquest)
Mirish (WR 2, NM 0 (2), Conquest, Artefact)
Tereken (WR 2, NM 1, Colonising)
Treyine (WR 2, NM 1(3), Colonising)

Ongoing Wars
Mirish invades Mangu
Tereken invades Altengard
Treyine invades Altengard

Peace Treaties
Winter 1002: Treyine and Mirish
Spring 1004: Tereken and Treyine

Hated Enemies
The hatees are listed after the hater.

Altengard: None.
Mangu: Mirish.
Mirish: Mangu, Treyine.
Tereken: Altengard, Treyine.
Treyine: Altengard, Brethren, Mirish.

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