Monday, 29 July 2013

Battle for Tel-Aghraf: Tropilium vs Stygustan Spr 994

"Great Pharoah!" Impohtehnt intoned as he made obeisance to the boy king Tuchmetutses. " Summon the scribes and stone masons, so that we may immortalize Pharoah's great victory over the decadent fools of Tropilium."

I blew the dust off my RRtK rules and finally got stuck in with my battle. I had a lot of fun using the NPC magic table but learned that I should not play when I am tired and need to set up a man cave so that I can play unhindered. Distractions and a general stupor led to some odd mistakes. As per usual I didn't let it stop me from playing it out. Enjoy!

I decided to not reveal the Tropilium Mage (mistake) and the Stygustan Mage came out playing the Drums of Doom right off the bat. I rolled for his magic and got a Summon: Gate spell. Now, with a difficulty of 10, this is something I never would have tried. Imagine my surprise when I rolled all six dice as successes for the mages and only four successes for the spell.

Although it probably wouldn't have made a difference, I forgot all about the Tropilium Mage here. The Archer unit he was with was routed off the field by the demon. So bye bye mage without firing a shot.

After the Tropilium center disintegrated I felt it was time to call it a day. The chariots really frustrated me as I feel like I never really know how to use them. My movie inspired belief is to have them charge and run over the enemy, but that never works in play. I tried to use them to shoot up the flank, but the archers and ballista always gave them more than they dished out.

As Impohtehnt regaled Pharoah with his story he kept an eye on the priest Wartchemakalit. He would have to watch this magician of Set carefully to make sure he did not try to steal the glory and worm his way into the good graces of the tempestuous boy king Tuchmetutses.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Heroic Combat - Mangu vs. Mirish!

"Why so glum, my friend?" asked the Mirish General Pereira.
The Mirish Hero, Albades did not reply  but rode on in silence.
Pereira just smiled and said "Do not worry, your time will come. How you behave then is all that will matter."
This battle is between the invading army of Mirish versus the defending Mangu. The Mangu were beaten last year but defeated. Mirish has decided to invade the Mangu homeland and hopefully bring the war to an end.
The Mangu planned to double envelope their enemy and as the wings sped forward their Caster fired off a blast spell at the Mirish front line, hitting one of the elephants. Thanks to the morale given from the Crystal Light of Yakub the elephant continued onward. We now let the pictures tell the story.

The heroic Comb at could have went either way and better lucky then good as the Mirish Hero managed to win. Mirish had a risky plan, attacking the horse archers with the CinC units. The extra-heavy armor of the Cataphracts saved the day.
As to be expected the Mangu lost zero units in the battle, a combination of the fleet light cavalry and the heavy casualties taken on the Mirish side.
The upside is the Langu leader was captured and will not count towards the major Morale check.