Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Autumn 997 - The Temple Cat of Doom

The tiny Stygustani army faced the might of Altengard across a valley crossed by a gully.
Altengard at the top of the photo and Stygustan at the bottom. On the left is impassable terrain. The stream represents a dry gully
The outcome was not in doubt. What was in doubt was how well the Stygustani army would acquit itself.
Using foul magics, their wizards summoned a minor demon, driving from the field some Altengardian skirmishers. They also summoned a giant temple cat against which the skirmishers would break. The main body of the infantry marched boldly forward. Their only possibility of success was to destroy the enemy general.
Sadly, it was not to be. They fired their bows as fast as they could and killed a few enemy soldiers, but then the enemy charged. Stygustani casualties were horrendous while Altengardian armour preserved the lives of many that day. Wizards were ridden down. Stygustani warriors were trampled under foot. The infantry held against the first charge, and the second, but the third was enough to drive all but the general's infantry from the field. Not long after, the general saw that all was lost and he fled the field. Under these circumstances, he truly was Im-poh-tent.

One unit of warriors was cut down by Altengard, but they did their job as a rearguard, saving the lives of their compatriots. Despite this, Stygustani morale held and the war will continue next season.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Crushing Defeat - Tropilium Rising

Dreaming of their once powerful nation, Tropilium invades Stygustani territory. Led by the local Hero, Ego Cibum, and outnumbering their enemy, the Tropilium army rolls forward.

Tropilium forces advance towards the Stygustani. Archery fire from the chariots drive off the Tropilium LC and score a hit on the Hero. Mages attempt to cast spell but fail.

Tropilium Hero crashes into the Stygustan archers and CinC and battle ensues. Archers rout.

Mages fire a blast spell, routing one Tropilium unit but the Hero continues to deliver casualties to the enemy CinC unit.

More Tropilum units join the fray, the weaker Stygustani infantry rout away and their CinC leads the rout.

Stygustan losses are 1 Axemen, 1 Archers, 1 Treyine Archers.