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Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Robin, Tilt 2

An important notice from the joust's sponsors: The individual known as 'Flash' Guido has been sighted near the lists. Do not accept any bets with this person. He is under investigation for joust-rigging and failure to pay any taxes to his lord ever.
The honours are even as the two knights take their places at the end of the lists.
Kick Phase
Both knights spur their horses towards a gallop, but Sir Robins balks and will only Trot down the lists instead.

Bonus dice remaining
Sir Tenley = 8
Sir Robin = 9
Charge Phase
Sir Tenley's skill in the saddle shows once more as he gains a slight advantage over Sir Robin and lines up for a Sweep Attack.

Bonus dice remaining
Sir Tenley = 5
Sir Robin = 9
Clash Phase
Once more Sir Robin risks all on a final aggressive assault with his lance and this time it pays off. He lands a solid blow on Sir Tenley.

Bonus dice remaining
Sir Tenley = 0
Sir Robin = 0

Sir Robin's lance hits Sir Tenley's shield square on. He breaks his lance and scores 1 more point, winding Sir Tenley again in the process.

Sir Tenley recovers 6 Bonus Dice.
Sir Robin recovers 6 Bonus Dice.

Sir Robin = 2
Sir Tenley = 1

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Robin, Tilt 1

It is round two of the joust. Sir Tenley and Sir Robin both won their previous jousts with 6 points each. They are equal on points, but are they equal in the lists? Well, joust fans, you are about to find out.
The two knights are recovered from the exertions of their previous jousts, although neither really seemed to exert himself that much. The stewards are currently pursing an enquiry into bet-rigging by one Squire 'Flash' Guido, who apparently serves Sir Tenley in some capacity, but it is not expected to go anywhere. So, on with the joust ...
Kick Phase
Sir Tenley is obviously not keen on meeting Sir Robin, for he starts at a Trot. He is clearly more focused on controlling his approach. Sir Robin adopts the standard Gallop pace, earning the approval of the audience.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 13
Sir Robin = 15
Charge Phase
Sir Tenley utterly outrides Sir Robin in his slow progress up the lists, proving that he was born in the saddle. In doing so he manages to line his lance up for a straight-on attack.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 6
Sir Robin = 10
Clash Phase
The final approach sees both knights at their martial best, but Sir Robin's enthusiastic and committed approach in this part regains him some of the advantage he lost in the charge. Both knights strike their opponent and the lists are shaken with the impact. Ladies gasp. Lords cheer. The peasants love it. This is what they came for.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 0
Sir Robin = 0

Sir Tenley strikes Sir Robin in the chest. He breaks his lance. Sir Robin is shaken (Battered, -2P). Sir Tenley scores 1 point. Sir Robin strikes Sir Tenley on the right arm wounding him (Battered, -2P). He too breaks his lance and scores 1 point.

Sir Tenley = 1
Sir Robin = 1

Sir Tenley recovers 8 bonus dice.
Sir Robin recovers 9 bonus dice.

Carnival 992 - Round 2

With the death of Lord Edmund and the disqualification of Earl Yurgutz, the highest scoring loser will take Earl Yurgutz's place in the next round. Sir Enda O'Relse is the only knight to have scored any points and still lost, so he will joust again. Lord Reynardo, although badly wounded will live, but must sit out the rest of the tournament in the stands, being too weak from loss of blood to do much else.
The Tournament Tree
The winning knights are all equal on points at 6 apiece. Sir Enda has only 1 point. In the second round of this joust the matches are as follows:

  • Sir Tenley versus Sir Robin
  • Sir Enda versus Sir Tanty
My lords, please take your places at the ends of the lists.

Carnival 992 - Sir Robin versus Lord Reynardo, Tilt 2

Blood trickles down Lord Reynardo's arm as he gets ready to face Sir Robin once more.
Kick Phase
Sir Robin and Lord Reynardo both kick their horses into a gallop. The ground thunders beneath the hooves of their chargers as they approach each other.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Robin = 7
Lord Reynardo = 5
Charge Phase
Lord Reynardo, despite his wounds is able to gain a slight advantage and lines up a sweep attack on Sir Robin.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Robin = 7
Lord Reynardo = 3
Clash Phase
Sir Robin has clearly been holding back. He suddenly pulls himself together and throws everything into his attack. He totally outmatches Lord Reynardo and lands a solid blow on his chest.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Robin = 0
Lord Reynardo = 2

Sir Robin breaks his lance on Lord Reynardo's armour, scoring 1 point, and badly winding his Lordship (Battered, -2P). Lord Reynardo is now too badly injured to continue (reduced to 0 Prowess) and must withdraw, scoring Sir Robin a further 2 points. Sir Robin wins and passes through to the next round.

Sir Robin - 6 points
Lord Reynardo - 0 points

Sir Robin gains 14 Fame and 1400 Florins.

Carnival 992 - Earl Yurgutz versus Lord Edmund, Tilt 1

The fourth joust of the third round features the Orcish champion, Earl Yurgutz, versus the flower of chivalry from Treyine, Lord Edmund of March. Can manners overcome might?
As the knights approach the lists, Earl Yurgutz waves to the crowd and the screams of the female fans drown out all other noise for a while. His horse stamps impatiently.
Kick Phase
Earl Yurgutz retains one bonus die thanks to the encouragement of his female fans. He is, after all, the Ladies' Favourite. No accounting for taste, I guess. The yelling clearly dismays Lord Edmund's Horse, which slows to a Trot.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Earl Yurgutz = 14
Lord Edmund = 12
Charge Phase
Lord Edmund's slow progress up the lists enables him to get a straight attack against Earl Yurgutz. Meanwhile Earl Yurgutz seems to be barely in control of his horse, although the ladies do rather like his antics. He retains 1 bonus die as a result of this adulation.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Earl Yurgutz = 11
Lord Edmund = 10
Clash Phase
Despite his obviously greater skill, Earl Yurgutz's strength and sheer power overwhelm him and Earl Yurgutz lands a strike on Earl Edmund. The ladies swoon at the Earl's sheer animal power and he retains one bonus die.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Earl Yurgutz = 2
Lord Edmund = 7

The blow lands on Lord Edmund's helm, just missing the crest that would have netted Earl Yurgutz a huge points advantage. Earl Yurgutz's lance breaks scoring him one point, but, alas, so does Lord Edmund's neck, snapping like a dry twig. He falls to the floor dead. Earl Yurgutz is disqualified and the stewards need an armed guard to leave the lists, as ladies of all sizes, shapes and stations descend angrily upon them to berate their decision.

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Enda, Tilt 3

The final tilt between Sir Tenley and Sir Enda is tense. Sir Tenley is battered and Sir Enda is 1 point in the lead. Can Sir Tenley close the gap, or will his attempt to become the Champion of the Kingdoms fail?
Kick Phase
Sir Enda spurs his horse into a gallop and proceeds in an orderly fashion down the lists. Sir Tenley gets his reins knotted up with his lance and then has to kick wildly to get his horse moving. It proceeds at a Run down the lists, only slightly out of control.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 11
Sir Enda = 6
Charge Phase
In an astonishing display of dexterity and sheer luck Sir Tenley succeeds in lining up his lance for a straight attack, an action that clearly leaves his opponent flustered and unsure of himself. Perhaps Sir Tenley's earlier fumbling was more apparent than real, a clever ploy to lull Sir Enda into a false sense of security.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 6
Sir Enda = 4
Clash Phase
Sir Tenley makes good use of his momentary advantage and manages to land a blow on Sir Enda. Perhaps he really can take back the victory.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 0
Sir Enda = 0

Sir Tenley's lance strikes Sir Enda's chest. It breaks and Sir Tenley scores 1 point, but Sir Enda is driven by the force of the blow off the back of his horse. He is unhorsed! The crowd go wild!! HE DID IT!!! Sir Tenley is the winner!!!! Sir Tenley will go through to the next round.

Final Score
Sir Tenley = 6
Sir Enda = 1

Sir Tenley gains:
16 Fame
1600 Florins

Friday, 28 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Enda, Tilt 2

After the last headlong rush at each other that was all sturm and no drang, the knights turn to try again.
Kick Phase
Sir Enda adopts a more sedate Gallop for this run, but Sir Tenley adopts a wild kicking approach to getting his horse moving that has it running at a Run rather than the Sprint he wanted.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tenley: 11
Sir Enda: 10
Charge Phase
Sir Enda manages to get his lance lined up for a good angle of attack.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tenley: 8
Sir Enda: 3
Clash Phase
Sir Tenley's mad rush and hasty attempt to engage his opponent has done him no favours. Sir Enda's calmer approach leads to him scoring a solid hit on Sir Tenley.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tenley: 5
Sir Enda: 2

Sir Enda has struck Sir Tenley on the shield. Sir Enda's lance breaks on the shield and Sir Tenley reels in the saddle (Battered, -2P). Sir Enda scores 1 point and the joust will be decided by the third tilt.

Sir Tenley recovers 8 dice giving him 13 dice for the final tilt.
Sir Enda recovers 7 dice giving him 9 dice for the final tilt.

Sir Tenley = 0
Sir Enda = 1

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Enda, 1st Tilt

Sir Tenley Dewmed must face Sir Enda O'Relse. Both are known for being rash young knights, given to charging first and thinking second.
Kick Phase
Chaaarrrrgeee! With a whoop and a holler both knights kick their horses hard and each responds at speed, although Sir Enda's horse appears faster than Sir Tenley's.
Sir Tenley has 15 bonus dice remaining.
Sir Enda has 14 bonus dice remaining.
Charge Phase
The honours remain even as neither knight gains an advantage in the charge.
Sir Tenley has 12 bonus dice remaining.
Sir Enda has 9 bonus dice remaining.
Clash Phase
The coming together of the two knights at speed is rather a disappointment. Neither has the advantage and neither is able to couch his lance properly. They pass without a strike. The crowd boos!

Sir Tenley has 11 bonus dice remaining.
Sir Enda has 5 bonus dice remaining.

Each recovers 1 bonus die in this tilt.
Sir Tenley recovers 1 bonus die at the end of the lists.
Sir Enda recovers 6 dice.

Sir Tenley has 13 bonus dice for the next tilt.
Sir Enda has 12 bonus dice for the next tilt.

No points were scored.

Carnival 992 - Sir Robin versus Lord Reynardo, 1st Tilt

Sir Robin must face Lord Reynardo. Both are strong warriors so this promises to be a tense bout, although Lord Reynardo's bombastic nature may cow the mild-mannered janitor Sir Robin.
Kick Phase
Sir Robin and Lord Reynardo both kick their horses into a gallop. The ground thunders beneath the hooves of their chargers.
Sir Robin has 15 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Reynardo has 12 bonus dice remaining.
Charge Phase
Both knights do their best, but neither is able to gain an advantage.

Sir Robin has 9 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Reynardo has 5 bonus dice remaining.
Clash Phase
Lord Reynardo fumbles his lance as he froths into his beard. Sir Robin is unphased. He may not be as brave as Sir Lancelot but his bravery is enough and he lands a solid blow on Lord Reynardo.

Sir Robin has 0 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Reynardo has 0 bonus dice remaining.

Sir Robin's attack hits Lord Reynardo in the right arm. He breaks his own lance, scoring a point, while Lord Reynardo is Bloodied (-3P) and drops his lance, scoring Sir Robin a further 2 points. Despite his wounds, Lord Reynardo decides to continue.

At the ends of the lists both knights collect new lances and turn to face their opponent for the next tilt.
Sir Robin recovers 7 bonus dice.
Lord Reynardo recovers 8 bonus dice.

Sir Robin - 3 points
Lord Reynardo - 0 points

Carnival 992 - Sir Tanty versus Lord Javier, 1st Tilt

Here we are for the first of the today's jousts. Sir Tanty rides confidently into the lists to face Lord Javier, who shows no fear.
Kick Phase
Both knights kick their horses into a gallop and charge down the lists towards each other.
Sir Tanty has 15 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Javier has 12 bonus dice remaining
Charge Phase
Sir Tanty puts his all into the charge and lines up his lance for a straight attack.
Sir Tanty has 8 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Javier has 10 bonus dice remaining.
Clash Phase
Sir Tanty scores a solid blow against Lord Javier.
Sir Tanty has 3 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Javier has 4 bonus dice remaining.

Sir Tanty's attack hits Lord Javier on the shield and breaks his lance. Lord Javier is unhorsed. This round is over. Sir Tanty is the winnner with 6 points. He will pass through to the next round.

Sir Tanty gains:
14 Fame
1400 Florins

Winter 992 - Carnival

Winter is a time of the Black Moon in Talomir. The powers of darkness hold sway over the land, but the solstice is a time of great celebration. It is a dark time, but the turning of the Red Sun shows that light will return to the land. Each year at this time the various nations celebrate in their own way. In Mirholme, the people feast and fight, and young men undergo the rites of passage into manhood. In Barylistan the circuses put on their most elaborate shows. In Treyine and much of the north, it is a time for the great tournaments. The illegal fighting pits put on their most vicious shows, while above ground the knights of the north show their mettle in the lists for the entertainment of the masses and to practice for the forthcoming campaigning season. Despite the wars that rage, Carnival is a time of peace and all are welcome. This year the grand tournament has been hard fought. Many a knight has taken a dunt to the head that has seen him or her take to their bed for a day or three. Only eight knights remain in the tournament and excitement is at fever pitch. These knights are:
Heraldry of the knights

  • Sir Tenley Dewmed (Mirish, 15AP, Born in the Saddle)
  • Sir Enda O'Relse (Border Kingdoms, 16AP)
  • Lord Reynardo Massimiano di Bertolli (Capalan League, 14AP, Warrior)
  • Lord Edmund of March (Treyine, 15AP)
  • Lord Javier de Herrero (Altengard, 14AP)
  • Earl Yurgutz (Naz Goth, 15AP, Ladies' Favourite)
  • Sir Robin the Not Quite so Brave as Sir Lancelot (Tereken, 15AP, Warrior)
  • Sir Tanty (The Abyss, 15AP, Strong-Willed)
These final rounds are a knock-out tournament. Each knight has had his opponent chosen by lot and the winner of each joust will go through to the next round, with only one knight to remain at the end. This knight will be crowned the champion of all Talomir.

Sir Tenley Dewmed versus Sir Enda O'Relse
Sir Robin the Not Quite so Brave as Sir Lancelot versus Lord Reynardo
Massimiano di Bertolli
Earl Yurgutz versus Lord Edmund of March
Sir Tanty versus Lord Javier de Herrero

Stay tuned for exciting jousting action. The crowds here are already chanting for their favourites, and it would appear that Earl Yurgutz, the Orcish contender, is a firm favourite of the ladies! Ooh, there goes the Stygustani wave again ...

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Winter 992 - Campaign Update

The final campaigning season of the year has seen more changes to the political geography of Talomir. Altengard continued its unstoppable progress through its neighbours, taking one third of the island nation of Valkae this season. Mirish, likewise proving to be a juggernaut trampling its weaker neighbours under its elephants' feet, crushed an incursion by Northern Tropilium. The Capalan League overcame recent difficulties to defeat Tereken. Treyine cut Tropilium in half, forcing the weaker empire to sue for peace. Meanwhile in the east the undead of The Abyss have massed and added the dwarven nations to their burgeoning kingdom. The stage is being set for an almighty clash of empires.
The Political Situation in Winter 992
Death Checks
Mangu: The Aluminium Khan has died. His successor is his eldest son, the Tin Khan (WR 4).
Stygustan: A freak accident leaves a lesser (L1) Mage permanently transformed into a toad.
Stygustan: A new pharaoh, Tuchmetutses (WR 2), has ascended to the throne.
Tropilium: An explosion in the cellar under a house of ill-repute in the suburbs of Tropilium leaves a L1 Mage  crushed under a rather large bed.

National Morale
No nations have failed their national morale this winter. All wars will continue when the weather gets better in the Spring.

Magic Items
Drums of Doom: Brethren
Fiddle of Calling: Treyine
Harlapane of Heroes: Altengard

Amulet of Sorbrowane: Not found yet.
Brazier of Durmun: Return in Autumn 994.
War Horn of Naz-Goth: Not found yet.

Holy Relics
Spear of St Lindorf: Treyine.
Book of the Hungry Moon: Return in Spring 993.
Crystal Light of Yakub: Mirish.

New Armies
No new armies have appeared.

Day of the Knights

Brother Cedric sat astride his mount looking down the hill at the assembled army of Tereken. They should have been out scouted by the nimbler force but this di Resta fellow had turned out to be quite an able commander. Using his superior knowledge of the terrain he had outmaneuvered Lord Uhtred and set up an attack on the invading force. The wily Tereken commander had done his best to pick a difficult field of battle for the Knights of Capalan.

Godwin almost carried the day for Tereken, but the stalwart knights of house di Resta defeated the foe and carried the day.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Autumn 992 - Battle of Shady Palms

The undead army continued its advance through the Dwarven countryside and cornered the remains of it's army in a wooded valley.  The Dwarves set up in a classic hammer and anvil manner while the undead having out outmaneuvered them set up to try and counter this.  Wearz Meskin now understood how his army fought and had discovered that terror was his strongest ally today.

The set up.
 Deciding that a swift brutal stroke was required, the cavalry charged the crossbow unit in the hope that they could do some damage and damage they did, the crossbow passed 0d6 on their being charged roll (5,6) causing them to rout and the cavalry chose not to pursue.
 Following the dwarven battle plan, they advanced up the centre.
 The undead needed to rely of terror and unfortunately for the soldiers a double 5 on their being charge test caused them to rout while the last remaining soldier unit halted while the servants and the hero counter charged.
 Hits flowed back and forward as all bar the ghouls that had taken hits were all fanatic so they jst remained in the battle.
 The ghouls had decided to extend the line to the left which while was successful in removing the servants of null on the right, did allow the other ghoul unit to fail its test and rout.
 Only the hero remains and while the archers may have been able to catch him, they couldn't charge him so they allowed him to flee the battlefield.

The dwarven hero managed to move far enough away that he wasn't going to be stopped. 

Thoughts on the game - Terror played a big part in this game, with unlucky die rolls for the soldiers compounding this.  The low rep of the undead units has made them brittle and against larger armies I think the army will struggle as units will evaporate rather quickly but it will be an enjoyable journey.