Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Betrtayed By Nectarines

"I thought the General choked to death on Nectarines?", the girl asked.
"That's the official story," replied the Emperor's Advisor.
"What really happened?" she continued as she adjusted her outfit.
"No one knows for sure, but they are still investigating." he continued, "Must you leave so early?"
"Yes," she replied." I have a performance in a few minutes. I'll be back.
The Advisor never saw the Barylistani Dancing Girl again.


Upon hearing that General Pereira died I decided to play it out. So I set up my PowerPoint Market and divided the table into nine sections. I placed NPCs at random and used rolled dice to have them move randomly.

I had given each NPC a profession based on Legends of Araby. When they contacted Pereira's party I used the Interaction Tables for their profession.The first one was a Dancing Girl from Barylistan (generated by LOA) and Pereira got a positive result - she would let him come visit her at her place.

The NPCs moved at random and coincidentally assassin moved right after the Dancing Girl and Bodyguard had passed.

Using 2d6 Sword & Sorcery - included and tweaked for Legends of Araby - the assassin won the round of melee with the general, but only scored an OOF result.I had decided the assassin would make one attempt then run for it.

The noise attracted the bodyguard who was escorting the dancing girl, a melee ensued, and the assassin won that one. The next one to activate were the two foreigners on the roof. As one was an archer I figured he'd shoot. I scored snake eyes  then boxcars. That was some incredible dice rolling so I figured how interesting that the assassin is killed after his attempt.

So I let the encounter write the story. Now I'll be using New Hope City PI mechanics to investigate more into what really happened.

Pereria died from his wounds, but things do not appear as they seem.

I think I'll be using 2d6 Sword & Sorcery and Legends of Araby to revive the adventure side of Talomir Tales.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Spring 1000 - Campaign Progress

Spring arrives early in Talomir this year and is unseasonably wet. The seers claim that this is a result of all three artefacts being present and known in the world. They say that the weather will only get worse as the Time of Resolution nears. However, their prophecies are belied by the peace that reigns generally in Talomir. Only Tereken is at war as it continues its assault on Treyine.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Winter 999 - Campaign Update

Tropilium lies crushed under the hobnailed heel of Treyine. Mangu has once more cut its losses and fled to its heartland. Where then will the fate of Talomir's nations go next?

Talomir in Winter 999
Death Checks
The King of Altengard dies of a surfeit of peace. He is replaced by his eldest surviving son Sivrit III [WR 3].

General Pereira of Mirish chokes to death on a nectarine! His young nephew succeeds him [WR 2]

National Morale
Tereken morale goes down by 1 point again, but the war will continue.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Autumn 999 - Treyine vs. Tropilium - Et tu Sir Godfrey?

Hi All,

Lots of projects and a lack of focus made this report late. I know, broken record. I did this one in what I'm calling House of Hengist style, minus all the interesting history and modelling bits. Here goes.

I'm not sure if it matters, because I think Tropilium has ceased to exist, but they have lost both Legionaries, the slingers, the Black Company Pikemen and the Hero.

Who knows what happened to the Horn of Naz-Goth?

The photos still aren't quite doing it for me, maybe it's the unpainted figures. I used my remote flashes for lighting and processed the images in Lightroom before importing them into the comic.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fool Me Once Shame on You - Fool Me Twice Shame on Me - Mangu and Mirish

"Don't charge?" the Captain  repeated.

"Correct, " General Pereira replied." Let them get close, then..."

The Clibinarii Captain smiled as he realized what the General had said. "Yes, I see. As you ordered, so it will be!"

The Captain snapped off a crisp salute and left the tent. 

"Nectarine?" asked the lady.

"Thank you."
The Mangu watched as Mirish deployed. Their General nodded his head and gave the orders - Feigned Flight - and this time it will work.

Except it didn't. Pereira realized that his cavalry had charged too soon. Last battle when the Mangu mounted skirmishers moved up to fire, the Clibs had charged. This time they let them get within bow range, but  fired instead - and each skirmisher took a hit. They passed reaction and returned fire - which made the Clibs charge and while the Mangu retired, they took a second hit. This meant the next time they were charged they would rout instead of firing.
Small change in tactics, but it provided a big result. Killing the Mangu General was luck and icing on the cake.