Friday, 27 February 2015

Autumn 997 - Campaign Progress

As seems to be usual in Talomir, the summer was a grim season with many Brethren knights being slain and returned to their Red Sun. Tereken made advances into Treyine by using dark sorcery and Altengard bludgeoned Stygustan. The autumn is shaping up to be a similar season as each nation seeks to get a few licks in before winter prevents further fighting.

The remnants of the Tropilium Empire seek a revival of their colonial past. Their army invades Stygustan. Facing a war on two fronts, the Pharaoh chooses to defend against both incursions by splitting his army.

The Brethren, having been cut to ribbons in their invasion of Mirish, must defend against Mirish reprisals.

Tereken, buoyed up by their recent victory are driving on into mainland Treyine.

Altengard invades Stygustan
Mirish invades Brethren
Tereken invades Treyine
Tropilium invades Stygustan

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Summer 997 - Tereken vs. Treyine - Isle of Blood

Sorry this one took so long. I got stubborn about fixing the backgrounds and then couldn't push myself to finish them. I also took way too many pictures, but sometimes it's hard to know which moment is the key one as you're playing.

I hope it was worth the wait. Treyine only lost one archer in pursuit. I don't know what became of Lord Wigstaff or the fiddle of calling. The knight unit never routed and only took one hit. The Finger of Death spell was incredibly lucky.