Tuesday, 29 January 2013

No Love Lost - Tropilium Blood Flows

"Ha ha ha!" the Mirish Prince laughed loudly. " How can we lose? The Tropilium fools kill one another while we relax."

General Pereira kept quiet as the Prince continued to laugh. "Fools like him cause these wars and we fight them," he thought to himself.

"General! Why so serious?"

"Sorry, sire,"Pereira lied. "I have much to do for your Father and little time to do it. If I may take my leave."

"Yes, yes," the Prince replied with a hand gesture.

"Oh yes, sire. The Tropilium army was victorious."

"It does not matter, general," the Prince had already moved on his next conquest, the new girl in his Harem. As Pereira bowed and left the Prince thought to himself..."That man must be dealt with and soon."

This battle was between the Northern Tropilium army and a slightly larger Tropilium force. More than half of the table contained gullies and the Northern Tropilium army used one of them to anchor their right flank.
The plan was to absorb the first Tropilium attack then counter-attack with fresh troops.

 The battle opens with ballistae fire doing damage to the Northern Tropilium right flank. This was followed up by a Blast spell causing the opposing ballistae to flee.

The Northern Tropilum wizard countered with a blast of his own forcing the Tropilium ballistae to stop firing.
The damage from the attack was so great that the Northern Tropilium commander decided it would be best to get stuck in than to allow the fire to continue unabated.

 The two lines met and the fighting was particularly brutal. Both sides kept rolling at least one "1" so they stood in melee for multiple turns.

Finally when both sides simultaneously routed the Northern Tropilium line fled with the bloodied Tropilium units standing their ground. Meanwhile the commanders of both sides maneuvered to the flank and engaged in  melee. Sadly the Northern Tropilium commander retired and the rout was on.

 The newly reinforced Tropilium infantry charged the terrified Northern Tropilium second class infantry who fled on contact.
Luckily the Tropilium army had suffered enough casualties to shorten the pursuit with the North Troplilum army losing only a ballistae.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Spring 993 - Campaign Update

Spring has arrived and the nations of Talomir are busily recruiting for the forthcoming conflicts that are inevitable given the differences between each nation. It would appear that Magic-Users are popular recruits this year while mercenaries have declined in popularity.

The Book of the Hungry Moon has reappeared in Orcish hands and the Orcs place it at the disposal of their general immediately.

Magic User Availability
The Abyss [Undead] recruits 1 Level 3 Magic-User.
Capalan League recruits 1 Level 1 Magic-User.
Mangu recruits 2 more Level 1 Magic-Users and 1 Level 2 Magic-User.
Mirish recruits a Level 1 Magic-User.
Naz-Goth [Orcs] recruits 1 Level 2 Magic-User.
Northern Tropilium recruits 1 Level 1 Magic-User.
Stygustan recruits 2 level 1 Magic-Users.
Tereken recruits 1 Level 2 Magic-User and 1 Level 3 Magic-User.

Hero Availability
Altengard recruits a hero.
Mirish recruits a hero.

Mercenary Availability
Capalan League recruits 1 Eskelin Knights
Treyine recruits 1 Hykar Cavalry

Going to War (Aggressor is listed first)
Altengard invades Valkae with part of its army.
Capalan League invades both Tereken and Altengard.
Mangu invades The Abyss (Undead)
Tropilium invades Northern Tropilium.
Mountain Giants have emerged from the mountains in Naz-Goth and are choosing to begin a campaign of conquest there.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Carnival 992 - The Final, Tilt 2

Sir Robin leads 1-0 as we go into the second tilt. Sir Tanty is not so steady in the saddle as he was. The crowd is tucking into its vole's ears inna bun (sponsored by Griselda's Bakery of Harbottle). The knights are ready.
Kick Phase
Both knights set off at a steady gallop again.
Charge Phase
As they close on each other Sir Tanty once more prepares better than Sir Robin and lines up a sweep attack.
Clash Phase
In his signature move, Sir Robin throws everything he has into the final clash, risking everything for the sake of a dramatic finish, while Sir Tanty retains a little in reserve for the next tilt. Sir Robin lands a solid blow on Sir Tanty's chest. He breaks his lance and Sir Tanty reels backwards in the saddle (Battered, -2P). Almost in slow motion, Sir Tanty desperately tries to cling to the saddle but the strength of Sir Robin's blow was too great. He topples sideways and lands awkwardly on his shoulder. The crowd roars its approval at seeing a noble brought low into the mud. Chants of "Sir Robin" roar about the lists. Sir Robin has won and is given the golden laurel wreath of the Champion of Talomir.

Sir Robin gains 15 Fame and 1500 Florins for defeating Sir Tanty.
For winning the tournament he gains 15 fame and 1500 Florins.
Sir Tanty gains 7 Fame and 750 Florins for coming second.
Sir Tenley gains 3 Fame and 375 Florins for coming third.

Final Score
Sir Robin = 7
Sir Tanty = 0

Final Rankings
Sir Robin (Fame 59, 20900 Florins) = 16 points
Sir Tanty (Fame 37, 17250 Florins) = 9 points
Sir Tenley (19 Fame, 15475 Florins) = 8 points
Sir Enda (0 Fame, 11800 Florins) = 2 points
Lord Javier (0 Fame, 13600 Florins) = 0 points
Lord Reynardo (0 Fame, 13600 Florins) = 0 points

Earl Yurgutz (Fame 0, 15000 Florins)

Lord Edmund

Carnival 992 - The Final, Tilt 1

Welcome to the final of Carnival 992. I'm sure you will agree that it has been an exciting and eventful Carnival but it draws to a close and what better way to close out the carnival than a joust between two of the finest nights in Talomir, Sir Robin and Sir Tanty. So, without further ado, let us repair to the lists, where our two brave knights are waiting to begin. Before we start, I would like to highly recommend Boniface Tinkerson's pickled otters' noses. Just the treat you need with your jousting.
Kick Phase
Both knights set off at a steady gallop towards each other. There is nothing dramatic about this as each demonstrates a calmness and skill that sets them apart from the others.
Charge Phase
As they approach, Sir Tanty sets up well and gains a good angle of attack over Sir Robin.
Clash Phase
Despite Sir Tanty's tactical manoeuvring, it is Sir Robin who strikes a solid blow against Sir Tanty, putting everything he has into it. Sir Robin breaks his lance against Sir Tanty's shield. Sir Tanty reels in the saddle and is nearly unhorsed (Battered, -2P). Sir Robin scores the first point.

Bonus Dice recovered
Sir Robin = 8
Sir Tanty = 11

Bonus Dice for next round
Sir Robin = 8
Sir Tanty = 13

Sir Robin = 1
Sir Tanty = 0

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Carnival 992 - Round 3

We have seen two phenomenal jousts that went down to the last tilt in the semi-finals. Our two brave knights are girding their loins for the final.
Sir Robin will face Sir Tanty in the final for the title of Champion of Talomir. This promises to be an epic battle between two titanic knights, who have proven themselves to be the greatest of the flower of chivalry. Before this joust starts, let us remind ourselves of those that have fallen to their lances.

Lord Edmund of March, killed by the thuggish knight Earl Yurgutz (Fame 0, 15000 Florins).
Lord Javier de Herrero (Fame 0, 13600 Florins), unseated by Sir Tanty in the first round.
Lord Reynardo Massimiano di Bertolli (Fame 0, 13400 Florins), defeated by Sir Robin.
Sir Enda O'Relse (Fame 0, 11800 Florins), defeated by Sir Tenley Dewmed, but given a second chance by the Orcish knight, Earl Yurgutz's disqualification, but then roundly defeated by Sir Tanty.
Sir Tenley Dewmed (Fame 16, 15100 Florins), doomed to defeat at the hands of Sir Robin.

These are the greatest knights in all of Talomir but their skill is nothing compared to that of Sir Robin (Fame 29, 17900 Florins) and Sir Tanty (Fame 30, 18000 Florins).

We now break for a short announcement from our sponsor, His Majesty King Edward IV of Treyine ...

Carnival 992 - Sir Tanty versus Sir Enda, Tilt 3

With Sir Enda reeling the saddle, the crowd cheers for Sir Tanty to finish him off.
Kick Phase
Sir Tanty sets off under control this time, but Sir Enda appears too tired to get his horse to move faster than a gallop.
Charge Phase
Neither knight is able to gain an advantage in the charge.
Clash Phase
As they close, both knights strike home. Can Sir Enda do enough to win the joust, or is this final effort a case of too little too late?

Sir Tanty strikes Sir Enda on the shield once more. His aim is true and steady. Once more he breaks his lance and rocks Sir Enda in the saddle (Battered, -1P).

Sir Enda strikes Sir Tanty on the helm! His lance breaks and Sir Tanty is rocked back in the saddle (Battered, -1P, -1M). It is too little too late. Sir Tanty wins 3-1 and goes through to the final of the joust.

Sir Tanty gains 16 Fame and 1600 Florins.

Carnival 992 - Sir Tanty versus Sir Enda, Tilt 2

Sir Enda is a little unsteady in the saddle as he turns for the next bout.
Kick Phase
Despite his unsteadiness, Sir Enda has his horse running down the lists and completely under control. Sir Tanty is clearly becoming overconfident and is not properly in control of his horse. It heads off at a run instead of the controlled gallop that Sir Tanty used last time.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 10
Sir Enda = 10
Charge Phase
Once more both knights are careful on the approach, and once more Sir Tanty manages to line up for a good angle of attack.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 7
Sir Enda = 7
Clash Phase
Once more Sir Tanty dominates Sir Enda completely, scoring a hit, while Sir Enda can only try to protect himself.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 3
Sir Enda = 3

Sir Tanty hits Sir Enda on the shield again. His lance breaks and Sir Enda reels in the saddle once more (Battered, -1P). How much more of this can he take?

Bonus Dice recovered
Sir Tanty = 5
Sir Enda = 7

Sir Tanty = 2
Sir Enda = 0

Carnival 992 - Sir Tanty versus Sir Enda, Tilt 1

Welcome to the second semi-final joust between Sir Tanty and Sir Enda for the remaining place in the final. Sir Tanty is known for his strength of will and sheer perseverance, which has seen him survive many jousts that would have seen off a lesser knight. Sir Enda is an experienced jouster though and can be expected to use his superior skill to great effect. We look forward to an earth-shaking bout.
Kick Phase
Sir Enda sets off at a run. He is eager to close quickly with Sir Tanty who adopts a more sedate gallop upon the approach.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 14
Sir Enda = 12
Charge Phase
Both knights are careful as they close. Each conserve their energy but Sir Tanty gains the advantage as he gets a good angle of attack on this run.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 13
Sir Enda = 10
Clash Phase
Both knights suddenly exert themselves as they close but Sir Tanty does better and lands a solid blow on his opponent.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 7
Sir Enda = 7

It's a hit on the shield. Sir Enda rocks in the saddle as Sir Tanty breaks his lance (Battered, -1P). The knights ride to the end of the lists and turn for the next tilt.

Bonus Dice recovered
Sir Tanty = 5
Sir Enda = 5

Sir Tanty = 1
Sir Enda = 0

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Robin, Tilt 3

Welcome back, Joust Fans. We hope you had a good lunch in the intermission. We in the commentary box did. The pickled voles' ears were rather tasty, and Mrs Plumpy had baked us a splendid blackbird pie. So, without further ado, we bring you the final tilt between Sir Tenley and Sir Robin. Sir Robin leads 2-1 at the moment. Both knights are looking a little ragged around the edges now, but they are clinging to their saddles just the same.
Kick Phase
Sir Robin kicks his horse into a gallop, but Sir Tenley's horse balks and rears. The crowd love it and the horse charges off down the lists at a gallop, spurred on by their cheering.
Charge Phase
Sir Tenley attempts some tricky manoeuvring in the saddle, but it is Sir Robin who gains a slight advantage and a good angle of attack.
Clash Phase
Both knights line up their lances and both strike their opponent. Sir Tenley strikes Sir Robin on the shield and breaks his lance. The score is now tied at 2-2. Sir Robin strikes Sir Tenley on the chest. He breaks his lance. Sir Robin scores the winning point and passes through to the next round.

Final Score
Sir Tenley = 2
Sir Robin = 3

Sir Robin gains 15 Fame and 1500 Florins.