Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Desolation of Naz-Goth

 This battle was a fairly quick one, just two turns per side. The Orcs tried to gain some cover from the Archers by forming up in the woods. See for yourself how well it worked. (I also tried another style of report. Good old Comic book, using Microsoft Paint and some downloaded fonts.)

See what happens when you self edit? Cavalry on the Left!

 So Treyine marches ever on. I want to see what happens when they come upon an equally sized and armored force. Dansforth hid with the Arquebusiers and I just didn't think any magic was needed. The two questions I have are, what is the movement rate for a hero, and do heroes recover after the battle or is Hogash captured?

In the future I'd like to try another video AAR, maybe with comic book influences and try one that is more like a comic book page layout. Cheers. Oh, and if you care to read about it you can look at my failed project to actually game this one with figures here and the subsequent posts where it all went wrong.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn 991 - Campaign Update

The Summer saw the annihilation of Seniira and Lothgolin as sovereign nations, while Altengard's imperialist ambitions were thwarted in Capalan. With the last months of the campaigning season upon us, new conflicts have arisen.

The Capalan League is driving into Altengard in a bid to avenge their fallen.
Treyine has chosen to invade Naz-Goth.
The Black Moon Elves of Gorath have invaded Mirish in retaliation for the Mirish annexation of Lothgolin, which the Elves claim is theirs by right.
The dwarves of Bal-a-Tor have declared a holy war against their Red Sun Drum brethren.

The face of Talomir looks set to change once more before the Winter comes.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Treyine Victor Est

Lord Father,

  I write to you from the field of victory, upon which I now stand. By the side of Treyine's most noble general, the Lord De La Warre. Our foe, Alerio Nequam of Seniira, used all of his craft to bring us to battle on a field of his choosing. Twice we outflanked him until we met in the hills west of the capital. We had out scouted and out maneuvered them once again. I have hired the services of a local artist, Leonardo something or other, to render drawings of the battles disposition. Firstly Nequam chose yet another static defense. In his wisdom Lord De La Warre chose the Penetrate Center stratagem.

Treyine at the bottom, Seniira at top.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Summer 991 - The Battle of Lake Corpuscento

The Altengard army switched its line of attack from the areas around the Sea of Strife to the mountainous regions in the north of Capalan. They brought the Capalan army to bay near the shores of Lake Corpuscento. Both armies deployed on hills facing each other.
 Early manoeuvring in the battle saw the skirmishers of both sides attacking each other. The Capalan skirmishers were supported by Vittorio the Victorious. While they pinned the enemy, Vittorio drove in on the flank and routed all the Altengard skirmishers.
 Seeking to offset the loss of their skirmishers, the Altengard general ordered all his troops forward at the double, sending his light cavalry forward to harass the right of the Capalan line.
 The Capalan skirmishers returned to the fray as Vittorio caught his breath. Capalan archers advanced on the left flank in a bid to break up the Altengard charge. It worked.
 The archers were routed but the charge was broken and the Capalan knights were able to do damage to the now isolated Altengard troops facing them.
 Then the Altengard infantry charged up the hill against the Capalan infantry, who suddenly all remembered that they had left pizza baking at home. As one they fled before the enemy's charge. The Capalan general and his city knights were now alone on the hill.
The Altengard army regrouped on the hill. At this point the skirmishers and Vittorio managed to return to the fray. The skirmishers harassed the enemy while Vittorio charged onto the hill and drove straight through an infantry unit.
Vittorio's blood was up. He charged the enemy general and his knights. The Capalan general's unit was badly mauled (blue circle). It and the supporting skirmishers would take no further part in the battle. The Altengard general was holding his own against Vittorio.
The fight on the hill went on as the Altengard infantry struggled to manoeuvre into position to support their leader. It was all in vain. Vittorio's sword lashed out and struck the Altengard general down. His unit routed and with it the rest of the Altengard army. The battle was won for Capalan.

There were no permanent losses on either side and both sides retained their full national morale, so the Capalan League will now counterattack into Altengard territory.