Saturday, 11 February 2017

Winter 1000 - Campaign Update

The Mangu invasion of Mirish did not go as planned, but it provided a brief respite for Treyine. Both Mirish and Mangu are eager to pursue their hostilities against each other, but enthusiasm for the war against Treyine is waning in Mirish (Pass 1D, NM -1). Before any more can happen, winter sets in and the armies must retire to their winter quarters.

During the winter, a freak snow flurry freezes a Tereken mage in place, and she dies. No other deaths are reported this season.

Through the winter, the doves have the ear of the Grand Vizier of Mirish and morale plummets as a result of this (pass 1D versus Mangu, but 0D versus Treyine). Mirish sues for peace with Treyine and national morale goes down another point. The hawks must hope that a successful invasion of Mangu will restore national pride, and their place of influence.
Talomir in Winter 1000

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hands of the Gods - Mirish and the Mangu

"Why did we not fight to the death, oh Great Khan?"
"The winds blow cold and soon it will be winter. And winter's demands cannot be ignored. Let us see our fate in the Spring."
Because the Mangu were severely outnumbered I played them and tried some desperate measures. Icy Finger of Death attempt on the Mirish Leader- thwarted by the Mirish Magic Users. Tried to outflank them, get to their leader if I could. No chance. Once they unveiled the Crystal Light of Yakub their morale increased by one and there was no way to resist their frontal assault. Decided to withdraw and hopefully someone in the Mirish leaderships would die. But, there may be another way...
 I decided to play this one out using my paper armies. The battle lines are set and I send out my two wings. The plan is to get around the flanks and attack the unit with the Mirish Leader. My Casters attempt a Icy Finger of Death spell but are stopped by the Mirish Casters.

The Mirish light cavalry advances and missile fire is exchanged. After a couple of rounds they rout away, but are replaced with Mirish heavy cavalry.

 Inspired by the Light of Yakub (+1 to Rep) they charge home and sweep my flank away. The Mirish center begins to move forward.

Their front line of skirmishers routs off but with nothing opposing them the main line moves towards my leader. I decide to break off and leave the battlefield. As most of my army is mounted Light Cavalry, casualties are zilch.

As winter comes, maybe things will change.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Autumn 1000 - Campaign Progress

Summer saw Treyine lose to the Mirish hordes. In the process, they lost the War Horn of Naz-Goth. Mirish has recovered the War Horn but may not use it for one season.

Come the Autumn, the peace treaty between Mirish and Mangu reaches its end and Mangu immediately launches an assault on Mirish. Elsewhere, Talomir remains quiet as the other nations respect their treaties and lick their wounds.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Dark Clouds from the East - Mirish vs. Treyine AAR

The Captain looked on as General Pereira's successor listened intently to the Caster.
"I don't trust that Wizard," he said to his aide." He doesn't have a soul and General Shamal is new at his job."

The scout rode into camp and sought out the General. The Wizard bowed and left and Shamal gave the orders. The Treyine had stolen a march and were attacking!

Mirish won by Magic. The cavalry and archers weren't significantly involved with the blast spells, elephants, and levies doing the damage. The Treyine Casters were terrible, rolling badly both times they tried to interfere with the Mirish spells. Magic is a dicey proposition and can;t be counted on at all times, but it worked today and that could cause problems in the Mirish court. The Mirish Nobles viewing the new Wizard with suspicion. 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Summer 1000 - Campaign Progress

The Tereken army was thoroughly defeated and driven back by the Treyine juggernaut. Seeing nothing else for it, they surrendered immediately and signed a peace treaty that allowed their survivors and wounded to escape. With most of Talomir bound by peace treaties secured in the gods' names, all thought that peace must reign. However, Treyine's hungry eyes turn towards Mirish, while General Pereira's successor is eager to prove his worth. Both nations mobilise immediately, but Treyine is slightly slower and finds a Mirish army already entering its borders.

New Wars
Mirish invades Treyine

Monday, 3 October 2016

Wind Maidens Lead the Way

Just finished the battle between Tereken and Treyine.

Casualties were pretty heavy on the Tereken side - bad dice rolling and the Wind Maidens move pretty fast!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Betrtayed By Nectarines

"I thought the General choked to death on Nectarines?", the girl asked.
"That's the official story," replied the Emperor's Advisor.
"What really happened?" she continued as she adjusted her outfit.
"No one knows for sure, but they are still investigating." he continued, "Must you leave so early?"
"Yes," she replied." I have a performance in a few minutes. I'll be back.
The Advisor never saw the Barylistani Dancing Girl again.


Upon hearing that General Pereira died I decided to play it out. So I set up my PowerPoint Market and divided the table into nine sections. I placed NPCs at random and used rolled dice to have them move randomly.

I had given each NPC a profession based on Legends of Araby. When they contacted Pereira's party I used the Interaction Tables for their profession.The first one was a Dancing Girl from Barylistan (generated by LOA) and Pereira got a positive result - she would let him come visit her at her place.

The NPCs moved at random and coincidentally assassin moved right after the Dancing Girl and Bodyguard had passed.

Using 2d6 Sword & Sorcery - included and tweaked for Legends of Araby - the assassin won the round of melee with the general, but only scored an OOF result.I had decided the assassin would make one attempt then run for it.

The noise attracted the bodyguard who was escorting the dancing girl, a melee ensued, and the assassin won that one. The next one to activate were the two foreigners on the roof. As one was an archer I figured he'd shoot. I scored snake eyes  then boxcars. That was some incredible dice rolling so I figured how interesting that the assassin is killed after his attempt.

So I let the encounter write the story. Now I'll be using New Hope City PI mechanics to investigate more into what really happened.

Pereria died from his wounds, but things do not appear as they seem.

I think I'll be using 2d6 Sword & Sorcery and Legends of Araby to revive the adventure side of Talomir Tales.