Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fight to the Death

"We are outnumbered and the humans have many cavalry, sire" said the Beastman.
"What is your point, Snarlz?" replied the Beastmen Alpha-Male.
Snarlz looked at the others and asked "What will we do?"
 "Why, we will die!" The Alpha-Male let out a terrifying laugh. "It's not when we die, it's how we die. Now let's die well!"

It went pretty much how I thought it would except for the cavalry losing the melee and retiring. If the Beastmen would have activated first they would have charged the retiring cavalry and maybe eliminated some units but they were hopelessly outnumbered. This is the first time the bows of the Clibinarri cavalry played a role. The threat of them shooting the Beastmen to death forced them to charge into melee.
The Crystal Light of Yakub, raisng the morale of the Mirsih Army, played a big role, as did the Hero.
Overall the Beastmen fought splendidly, giving out huge numbers of casualties, but it was a foregone conclusion.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Not Enough Killing in Your Pursuits?

Here's a little tip that goes a long way.
When you win a battle and have a major pursuit, that's the best time to deal your opponent a devastating blow. Here's how we do it:
According to the rules for Major Pursuit. The loser places his units from right to left in a single line on the table.

Next the pursuer places one of his non-routed units opposite one of the losing units. He starts with the loser worth the lowest points and goes to the one worth the most points. Now here's where you can raise the stakes.

The winner can start his pursuit with slower winning units, saving his faster (LC) units for more expensive losing units.

Example -
The loser has 2AC 2 skirmishers, 1 AC 4 infantry  and 1 AC  6 Knights lined up for pursuit.
The winner has 1 AC 2 Skirmish cavalry, 1 AC 2 skirmisher and 2 AC 4 infantry to pursue.
He decides to pursue the first 2 skirmishers with his 2 AC 4 infantry and uses his AC 2 skirmish on the losing infantry and the AC cavalry on the knight. The last two winners now move faster than the last two losers.

 If the losers pass 1d6 on the Casualty Recovery Table (page 43) they are destroyed.
So to make it easy to remember. Place your slowest moving winners first on the low point losers and keep your higher moving winners for the more expensive losers.

Now, back to our wars!

Rise of the New Caster

"With the death of Kharpett the Magical, we have an opening for Lead Caster," Pereira said to the three novices of the Black Arts. "Who wants the job and tell me why?"

"Uh, I think Lahrii, is qualified," said Mo the So-So.
Startled, Lahrii stammered in reply. "No, no, no. It is clear that Kur-lee is the most worthy."
Kur-lee stared at the two Casters and said," I am  not worthy. It is Mo the So-So. He deserves it...uh, is most deserving."

Pereria looked at the three and took a deep breath. Rubbing his chin he said " You three take counsel and come up with an answer. I need to know after we finishing burying Kharpett. I'll be back in an hour!"

As Pereria left he heard the three Casters in council.

"One, two, three, go! Rock beat scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock.  Again!

After much divination it was decided that Mo the So-So would be the Lead Caster.

Spring 997 - Campaign Progress

The winter was peaceful as they usually are in Talomir, although the spate of nectarine-related deaths has still not been resolved. It is feared that the killer will strike again, so sales of nectarines have been banned and the nectarine orchards of Stygustan placed under armed guard. This has caused much unrest in Talomir including the emergence of an army of Beastmen in the former territories of the Red Sun Dwarves.

Mercenaries, heroes and magic users are in short supply this year.
Treyine recruits a unit of Wind Maidens.
The famed White Company was wiped out last Autumn but it has now been rebuilt as good as new. Altengard recruits the new White Company.
Stygustan recruited one Level 2 Wizard and 2 Level 1 Apprentices.

Magic Items and Artefacts
The Book of the Hungry Moon resurfaces in the former lands of Naz-Goth, thus winding up in Mirish hands.

Ongoing Wars
Brethren invade Treyine
Mirish invades Treyine
Stygustan invades Altengard

New Wars
Mangu invades Mirish in protest at General Pereira's continued access to nectarines.
Tereken invades Treyine because it seems like a good bandwagon to jump on.
Beastmen invade Mirish.

Mirish will fight the Beastmen, to crush them, drive them before the Mirish army and hear the bleating of the Beastwomen, before they can establish a hoof-hold.
Treyine chooses to try to defeat the treacherous Brethren before they gain more of a foothold.
Stygustan will fight Altengard

Mangu gains a Mirish province without a fight.
Tereken gains a Treyine province without a fight.
Treyine was not invaded by Mirish this season. Therefore it will invade Mirish next season, assuming that it survives that long.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Winter 996 - Campaign Progress

The Autumn saw Treyine take more catastrophic losses, but the stout Treyine yeomen remain largely undaunted. Altengard both gained and lost territory. The remaining nations at war successfully gained territories. Spring will see further depredations against Treyine.

In other news, a surprising rash of nectarine-related deaths have caused world leaders to consider an embargo on nectarine imports from Stygustan. Discussions are ongoing.

Talomir in Winter 996
Leader deaths
Omnipohtent has died of a surfeit of nectarines and has been succeeded by his son Siccituem (WR 2).
A junior magus (Level 1 Magic User) was found dead with a nectarine pit stuck in his throat. The death is not being treated as suspicious.

Kahrpett the Magical (Level 1 Magic User) has died after being crushed by a crate of nectarines. There were no witnesses.

National Morale
Treyine surrenders to Altengard. Morale falters in the war against Mirish (-1 NM) and in the war against the Brethren (-1 NM).

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Slaugther on the Plains

"You've been around for a long time, haven't you?", Pereira asked the trembling Caster." Kahrpett, isn't it?"
"The Magical," the trembling man replied.
"The Magical, sir," he continued. "Kahrpett the Magical."
"Well, Kahrpett the Magical, your time has come," the General said suppressing a laugh. "I will let the other Casters know they are to take orders from you...and you will take orders only from me. Is that clear?" Pereira slid the knife along the nectarine and wasn't smiling."I don't want any confusion on your part."
"Yes sir," he replied."Only from you. Got it."
Pereira smiled, walked over to the Caster, and put his arm around his shoulders. "Good, good. I look forward to working with you. Now go, enjoy our victory."
Kahrpett bowed and with a flourish left the tent.
"*&#$% Wizards," Pereira said to on one in particular.

Well, that was interesting. I forgot about firing blast spells at Missile troops that can fire back. Rolling that "6" was bad luck, but hey, she knew the job was dangerous when she took it. 
Looking at the battle Treyine's only hope was to take out Pereira. Came close too.
The slaughter was great in pursuit. With the much faster cavalry all surviving to pursue passing 1d6 resulted in the unit being lost.

The butcher's bill:
1 Foot Knights
2 Infantry
2 Archers
1 White Company Knights
1 White Company Archers

Autumn 996 - Campaign Update

The Summer campaigning season saw Treyine take a kicking. Its mercenaries have left Treyine employ and set themselves up in northerly province of Treyine that was once the capital of Zog-Rot. The new army is led by Brother Schwester of the Brethren who hopes to form a new nation dedicated to the principles of the Red Sun. Mirish and Tropilium both took provinces from Treyine.

Tropilium is now at peace with Treyine because it has no access to Treyine territories.

Altengard was defeated by Stygustan and lost its easternmost province.

The Horn of Naz-Goth was lost and will not return for more than half a year.

Going to War:
Altengard invades Treyine
Brethren invade Treyine
Mirish invades Treyine
Stygustan invades Altengard

Altengard chooses to attack Treyine rather than defend against Stygustan, because it holds out little hope of defeating Stygustan this season. When the army is rebuilt on the other hand ...

Treyine chooses to defend against Mirish and leave the other nations alone. Its army is small and stands little chance against any of its invaders but it must make an effort.

Here's how Talomir looks now: