Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Spring 998 - Campaign Progress

Like snarling jackals the nations of Treyine turn on once-mighty Stygustan. The evidence of its greatness is present all over that nation, but now all Stygustan's neighbours care about is the nectarine embargo. Their eyes envy the wide orchards of nectarine trees along Stygustan's coastal provinces and they seek to end the embargo by owning their own orchards. Thus, Mangu, Mirish and Treyine send their armies to seize the valuable fruit farms and perhaps to loot the tombs of the ancient Stygustani pharaohs.

Meanwhile, Tereken seizes the opportunity to invade Altengard, citing the presence in their army of a Capalan prince with the ancestral right to hold the invaded province but not the might on his own to take it.

A trader in antiques found an old bronze horn on his market stall. He knew not its provenance and never remembered buying it, but a passing centurion espied it and bought it for just a few coppers. He polished it and presented it to his legate in a bid to curry favour. The legate recognised it for what it was and hastened to the emperor seeking imperial patronage in return. Thus the War Horn of Naz Goth was returned to the fray. It is said that the emperor fills it with soapy water and blows bubbles through it.

The War Horn of Naz Goth appears in Tropilium.

Going to War
Mangu invades Stygustan
Mirish invades Stygustan
Tereken invades Altengard
Treyine invades Stygustan

Stygustan chooses to defend solely against Mirish

Military manoeuvres and fruit farming in Talomir, Spring 998

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Mirish Settlements Aflame

Bandits have attacked and set fire to two Mirish settlements along the Mirish-Stygustan border. Mirish forces pursed the bandits, but were turned back at the border by threats from Stygustan military units.

Reports from the area confirm unusual Stygustan military activity and build up on the border with Mirish. Refugees from Stygustan are entering Mirish with tales of woe and much gnashing of teeth. 

General Pereira has been dispatched to provide non-military relief to the area. Efforts to instigate peaceful discussions with the Stygustan government have been rebuffed numerous times. 

When questioned on his way to the front, Pereira confirmed his desire to find "a final solution that will bring everlasting peace to the area."

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Winter 997 - Campaign Progress

The last year saw great changes in Talomir as war ravaged the land once more. Tereken gained surprising victories, only to be cast down at the end. Diplomats in Mirish sought peace where General Pereira wanted to carry the war to Mangu. Stygustan is under siege on two fronts and things do not look good for this once mighty nation. The map of Talomir now looks like this:
Who knows what the Spring campaigning season will bring? Well, apart from war that is. War is a given in Talomir.

Death Checks
The Tinn Khan of Mangu dies of a surfeit of figs in syrup. He is replaced by his eldest son Khan Du (WR 4).

A young mage (Level 1) in Mirish service dies in a freak incident with an alembic and a camel.

A Tereken mage (Level 3) dies when hit on the head by a slop bucket that was unexpectedly released while being emptied from an attic window.

National Morale
Stygustan reviews the current situation and surrenders immediately to Altengard and to Tropilium. Peace will last until Winter 999 in both cases.

Magic Items, Artefacts and Holy Relics
No new Magic Items, Artefacts or Holy Relics enter play this season.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Autumn 997 - Colle Della Battaglia (Tereken invades Treyine)

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Tereken also lost two levies in the after battle pursuit.

Fladnag's use of the blast spell was helpful in softening up the Treyine foot knights. With an AC of 6 they need to be whittled down so that they can be affected by reaction tests. I rolled pretty abismally for them. With both sides only having a war rating of two I had trouble getting things moving for Treyine especially. The plan to use the wind maiden's ships to get a bridgehead on the hill was the right idea, I just should have had the ships deployed as one body. I only realized after setup that they were not.

Tereken's luck just ran out this time. The icy finger of death last battle was incredibly lucky. The general being injured this time around was a little unlucky.

On a technical note, I used my photography backdrop cloth for the pictures. I think it was worth it.

See you next time.