RrtK House Rules

Heroes are created as described in the rules. Heroes are normally based on half the frontage of a unit. This means that armies with 40mm frontage stands will have heroes with 20mm frontage. Depth will need to be enough to fit the hero figure on.

Foot hero movement rates:
AC4 = 8" (3")
AC6 = 8" (3")
AC8 = 6" (2")

Mounted hero movement rates:
AC4 = 16" (6")
AC6 = 14" (6")
AC8 = 10" (4")

Heroes conform to the movement restrictions of a normal unit of their type (Foot Melee or Mounted Melee). This means that they must wheel, about face, etc. just like a normal unit. They do not move like skirmishers.

Capturing Provinces
A province counts as owned by the nation that began the turn in control of it until the end of that season. Any captured provinces transfer ownership at the end of the season and will begin the next season controlled by their new owner. This means that character encounters in a contested province will occur under the original owner's rule, regardless of whether they still retain control at the end of the turn. 

Rules to govern the multi-player pbem
Multi-player pbem, changes and additions to the published rules:
  • The umpire will roll all dice except for in tabletop battles.
  • Each player takes control of one nation.
  • Once a nation goes to war, the player of that nation may choose whom they will attack. They may not attack a nation that they are at peace with until after the peace ends. They must attack a Hated Enemy if such is possible.
  • Each turn will be one month long real-time, meaning that players should only have to fight one battle per month. Deadlines will be set when the previous turn is sorted out.
  • When battles occur between nations, as a general principle the defender will play the battle.
  • If the defender is unable to fight a battle, the battle will be offered to the attacker first.
  • If the attacker is unable to fight the battle then it will be offered to other participants in the campaign.
  • If a player agrees to fight a battle and fails to complete it in time, then their nation will be assumed to have retreated before battle three times. Third parties will be penalised in ways that amuse the umpire instead.
  • Players will be expected to fight a maximum of one battle per turn, but may choose to fight more than that if they have the time.
  • A nation that conquers a province belonging to another nation may choose to use the recruitment roll from this province on either a unit from their own list or a unit from that nation’s list.
  • Units recruited from another nation’s list are counted as mercenaries for purposes of determining whether an attempted coup is made.