Monday, 26 January 2009

The Goblins of Zog-Rot

The goblins of Zog-Rot are a mixed bunch. The majority are poorly clad, small and malnourished but with a huge appetite for carnage. The toughest of them ride the dreaded Ripper Beasts, large flightless birds with a terrible carnivorous appetite. It is fair to say that most goblins that try to tame one of these beasts wind up as its dinner instead. However, those few that succeed are well on their way to glory and fame among goblin-kind. Just taming a Ripper Beast is cause for a rise in social standing. Most goblins try to tame the less aggressive male ripper beasts, which are readily recognisable by the red stripes on their backs. Obviously, less aggressive in this case refers only to their aggressiveness when compared to the female of the species.

Some rare goblins are tough enough to tame the female Ripper Beasts, and a very few manage to tame two of them. The sight of a goblin standing proudly in his chariot pulled by two Ripper Beasts is a sure sign that you are confronting the chief of the tribe. This will be an unusually large and aggressive goblin.
Zog-Rotten society is warband-based. It relies on a regular income from raiding other groups. It is rare that a single war-leader can rise to the fore and unite the goblin hordes, although this has happened on occasion. That is one reason why Zog-Rot is ringed by Brethren fortresses. The Brethren maintain a constant watch for just such an occurrence and do their level best to prevent it reaching the point where goblin armies storm across the borders once more.


  1. Those miniatures are awesome! Great write-up

  2. Well done! Who makes those rippers and the other mounts BTW?

  3. Excellent work, Ruarigh, and as soon as I finish my Brethren/Teutonic Knights, I look forward to smiting the foul green spawn.

  4. Thanks, chaps. The mounted goblins and the chariot are Chronopia Blackbloods from Prince August. The rest of the goblins are DDM figures that I have rebased and dipped. Shame the flash kills so much of the highlighting on the figures.


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