Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Rally Round the King

Rally Round the King has now been released. This is an updated and refined version of the Warrior Heroes rules that we use for our massed battles and very fine it looks too upon a first read through. I must admit to having had some input into this iteration of the rules, so I may well be a little biased, but I am thrilled to see the rules back in print and brought into line with the newer sets from TwoHourWargames.

So, what does this mean for our campaign? Well, there are subtle differences between the two rules sets, and the army lists in the new version have been altered slightly, mostly by the addition of the Undisciplined ability and allowances that need to be made for that. Since we plan to use these rules largely as written, including the new army lists, we shall finish the current campaign year using Warrior Heroes and then transfer over to the new rules in the Winter refit phase. This should ensure a seamless transition between the two, not that there are huge differences really. I am looking forward to playing using the updated rules.


  1. I own a couple of 2 hour wargames games but I haven't bought Warrior Heroes yet. Would this replace WH or is Rally Around the King supplemental?

  2. Rally Round the King replaces the original Warrior Heroes (element-based massed battles). It seeks to incorporate the FAQ from WH and update it to improve the system. Warrior Heroes has not been available for a while now, so I am really pleased that RRtK has been released. Neither of these is the same as Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures, which is the skirmish game. It gets confusing when there are titles with very similar names! :-) Hope this helps.


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