Sunday, 28 April 2013

Near Run Thing

The victory celebration in the Mirish camp was in full swing. The Mangu had been defeated and sent running home and the wine flowed liberally. Inside his tent Pereira was finishing his debriefing. 

"Be sure to give the elephant handlers and skirmishers extra wine," he began"And send this pouch of gold to the Sorcerers."

"Hassan wishes to..." Pereira cut off the lackey. "Tell him not to worry, fate is a fickle mistress and here's to a speedy recovery"

As the tent cleared out Pereira was alone with his thoughts. They had been very lucky, things could have easily went the other way.

Having played many games of Rally Round the King with and against the Mangu I forgot how devastating their archery is. This is due to two reasons. 

The first is they are Rep 5, this means they will stick around longer and usually out-shoot their opponents getting in the last shot. This also allows them to function in smaller groups of 2 instead of 3 without worrying about failing morale.

The second is they are elite shooters and get a +1 when shooting. This meant the flanking force of 4 skirmishers were at a 8 when they fired at the Mirish horsemen, the major arm of that army.They kill a lot of people. They took out two of my sorcerers and the hero before he even came into contact!

The Crystal of Yakub more than paid for its 2 Recruiting Rolls, allowing for the skirmishers to have rasied morale as they needed it to exchange fire with the Mangu horsemen. Finally the sorcerers were effective. Both in attack and in counteracting the Mangu spells. I realized that to be effective the would have to concentrate on one or two units and they did well hammering the Mangu Leader unit.

A very close game that could easily have been a Mangu victory. As usual the major Pursuit yielded light casualties as the Mangu are so  fast.


  1. Looks like one of my battles where they slug it out to the last man. Good thing you pointed out the wolf proxy, I was wondering if I had totally missed something in the Mangu list.

  2. The Abysal general lets out a silent howl and welcomes this news with glee!!!

  3. Excellent report, Ed. The war will continue next year with a Mirish drive into Mangu territory.

  4. I'm okay with suing for peace :)Not sure if I can get the mileage from the sorcerers and skirmishers as last battle but some Mangu horsemen would be a good addition to the Mirish army!

  5. Alas, morale is so high at home that you would be trampled by wild horses if you tried to sue for peace!

    By winning this battle, you ensured that your morale was high enough that you could not fail the NM test. Mangu morale is so high that the only way they can fail a national morale test is if their general dies. This is war to the knife! You will have to bleed them dry, slaughter their general and hope they suffer poor dice!:)

  6. I forgot to ask, did your mage that went down just go OOF or were they dead?

  7. Sorry, just went OOF, not dead.


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