Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Summer 994 - Campaign Update

With the loss of the Orcish provinces to the Undead, the rise of the Black Moon seems to be accelerating. Treyine's sun may have set with its first defeat by Altengard, but Altengard itself is under threat from Tereken. Perhaps the Tereken army snapping at the heels of Altengard will stop the Altengardian rise to dominance. Mangu's dreaded cavalry have fallen foul of the Mirish war machine. Will they be able to turn the tide? Perhaps the answers lie in the summer campaign season.

Going to War (aggressor listed first)
Mirish invades Mangu
Tereken invades Altengard
Altengard invades Treyine
Stygustan invades Tropilium
The Abyss invades Treyine

Mirish attacks Mangu
Altengard chooses to ignore Treyine and defends against Tereken
Stygustan invades Tropilium
The Abyss attacks Treyine

Summer 994 - The Battles
It would appear that Treyine has become a victim of its own success. Suddenly, like jackals, the other nations are snapping at its heels. Will it devolve like Tropilium before it, or will it drive off its attackers? Is Altengard also going the way of Treyine? It too has enjoyed unprecedented success and must be the envy of all its neighbours. Only time will tell.

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