Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Winter 997 - Campaign Progress

The last year saw great changes in Talomir as war ravaged the land once more. Tereken gained surprising victories, only to be cast down at the end. Diplomats in Mirish sought peace where General Pereira wanted to carry the war to Mangu. Stygustan is under siege on two fronts and things do not look good for this once mighty nation. The map of Talomir now looks like this:
Who knows what the Spring campaigning season will bring? Well, apart from war that is. War is a given in Talomir.

Death Checks
The Tinn Khan of Mangu dies of a surfeit of figs in syrup. He is replaced by his eldest son Khan Du (WR 4).

A young mage (Level 1) in Mirish service dies in a freak incident with an alembic and a camel.

A Tereken mage (Level 3) dies when hit on the head by a slop bucket that was unexpectedly released while being emptied from an attic window.

National Morale
Stygustan reviews the current situation and surrenders immediately to Altengard and to Tropilium. Peace will last until Winter 999 in both cases.

Magic Items, Artefacts and Holy Relics
No new Magic Items, Artefacts or Holy Relics enter play this season.


  1. Not a good year for mages, apparently!

    1. Wizardry in Talomir is a hazardous business. I'm betting that if I tallied up all the mages that had died in the life of this campaign, I might run out of fingers and have to take my socks off to get an accurate count! The difficulty seems to be in finding new and interesting ways for them to die.

    2. Not Fladnag the Beige!? I'll have to paint up a new wizard figure now. Fladnag the Puce? Of course I am one of the ill informed that thought puce was a shade of green. Apparently it's purple.


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