Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fool Me Once Shame on You - Fool Me Twice Shame on Me - Mangu and Mirish

"Don't charge?" the Captain  repeated.

"Correct, " General Pereira replied." Let them get close, then..."

The Clibinarii Captain smiled as he realized what the General had said. "Yes, I see. As you ordered, so it will be!"

The Captain snapped off a crisp salute and left the tent. 

"Nectarine?" asked the lady.

"Thank you."
The Mangu watched as Mirish deployed. Their General nodded his head and gave the orders - Feigned Flight - and this time it will work.

Except it didn't. Pereira realized that his cavalry had charged too soon. Last battle when the Mangu mounted skirmishers moved up to fire, the Clibs had charged. This time they let them get within bow range, but  fired instead - and each skirmisher took a hit. They passed reaction and returned fire - which made the Clibs charge and while the Mangu retired, they took a second hit. This meant the next time they were charged they would rout instead of firing.
Small change in tactics, but it provided a big result. Killing the Mangu General was luck and icing on the cake.


  1. With their general dead, the Mangu army loses heart and sues for peace. Had he remained alive, the war would have continued in the Spring.

  2. Which software did you use to make this AAR?


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