Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Dark Clouds from the East - Mirish vs. Treyine AAR

The Captain looked on as General Pereira's successor listened intently to the Caster.
"I don't trust that Wizard," he said to his aide." He doesn't have a soul and General Shamal is new at his job."

The scout rode into camp and sought out the General. The Wizard bowed and left and Shamal gave the orders. The Treyine had stolen a march and were attacking!

Mirish won by Magic. The cavalry and archers weren't significantly involved with the blast spells, elephants, and levies doing the damage. The Treyine Casters were terrible, rolling badly both times they tried to interfere with the Mirish spells. Magic is a dicey proposition and can;t be counted on at all times, but it worked today and that could cause problems in the Mirish court. The Mirish Nobles viewing the new Wizard with suspicion. 


  1. Wow, can't believe so many archers were caught but not the infantry and knights. Treyine is going to struggle next season.

    Mirish passes 2 dice on National Morale
    Treyine passes 2 dice on National Morale
    The war continues

    The War Horn of Naz-Goth was lost in the battle, but was recovered by the Mirish army. It may not be used until the Winter 1000 turn or later.

  2. Brutal battle. Sometimes you just roll terrible in the pursuit after battle phase. Magic can be real hit or miss. I'm curious to see how Treyine will fare with fewer archers.


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