Friday, 7 April 2017

Mangu versus Mirish - Magic Unleashed

Mangu has drawn together the most Magic Users I've ever seen assembled on one side. A Level 3, a Level 2, and 3 Level 1s giving the Mangu virtual unlimited Magic.
After three rolls for terrain, the Mirish were forced to accept the last table or watch a season pass in the Campaign. The terrain was clear except for a large patch of woods in section 5, the center. As  both armies are mounted, this resulted in splitting the battle field in half.

The Mangu left flank faced three Elephants and  three units of Clibinari - heavy lance and bow armed cavalry. The Mirish moved forward on both sides of the woods.

 Due to the high Rep of the Mangu units (all Rep 5), no one fled the field. But now they would be limited on what they ould move.

 The Mangu Magic Users crushed three units at the start then continued to rain  down Blast spells. Rolling 8d6 on each spell cast, when the Mirish Magic Users could attempt to interfere, they were solely outnumbered so were of little effect.

 As the victorious Mangu left tried to sweep around the woods and behind the Mirish army, the Mirish force on the other side, advanced, trusting on sheer numbers to overwhelm their opponents.

Despite horrible losses to Blast spells and skirmish fire, the sheer number of Mirish succeeded in forcing the Mangu to retreat. The Mangu Leader was killed, but none of the fast moving Mangu units were caught in the pursuit.

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  1. Mangu passes 1D and loses 1 morale. Mirish passes 2D. The war continues.


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