Friday, 7 July 2017

Summer 1001 - Apocalypse Now

"My Emperor," the messenger announced, "I have news of the war with the Mangu hordes."

The Emperor paused briefly as he swallowed the soft flesh of the nectarine.

"My Emperor, we have defeated them and driven them back. Our domination of Mangu will soon be complete. They have fewer places than ever to retreat and their army is in disarray. Victory will soon be ours. My scouts also report that Altengard has lost ground to both Treyine and Tereken. The jackals fight among themselves and make our next task easier. They will be easy pickings once Mangu is disposed of."

The Emperor nodded, the nectarine in his hand forgotten as he envisaged ultimate victory.

"There is one thing more, my Emperor. The general commanded me to bring this to you."
He waved his two companions forward to join him with a large shrouded package.

The Emperor looked warily at it, but the captain of the palace guard knew what to do without instruction. He ordered two of the guards to take it and open it. When they did so, the court wizard's eyes widened. He strode forward from his place at the left hand of the Emperor and examined it.

"My Emperor," he declared, "This appears to be genuine. This is the third artefact. We now possess all three: the Amulet of Sorbrowane, the Brazier of Durmun and the War Horn of Naz-Goth. Our victory is assured for the prophecies all foretell how the world shall bow before you when you present these artefacts to the gods on the peaks of Gorath. It is fortunate that you had the foresight to conquer that land so far in advance. That will make our task so much easier."

The emperor's eyes widened.
"So, it is true then? I shall rule this world? Make the preparations. We march to Gorath as soon as you can organise our forces. This world shall be mine!"

And so, the campaign ends with all three artefacts in the possession of Mirish and the Emperor of Mirish soon to declare himself God-Emperor of Talomir. The End of Days is here. Prophecies foretell that the owner of the artefacts cannot be defeated and will rule all Talomir. Other prophecies declare that the final battle between the Red Sun and the Black Moon will happen when the artefacts' power is invoked on the peaks of Gorath, and the Creators will walk Talomir once more, but I don't think that the court wizard told the emperor those ones.

So, that is this chapter of Talomir Tales complete. We only used the north of Talomir for this campaign, and found that a little unwieldy at times; too many nations and not enough players. Still, it has been great fun, and I think it is quite the achievement keeping a campaign going for eight years. Even with occasional breaks that is still better than any other campaign I have tried. There is still room for a game or two in this campaign. We could fight out the last battle as an epic gods and heroes game, or we might have sneaky spies trying to steal the artefacts in Warrior Heroes skirmish games. It's a fairly long trip to Gorath from the Mirish capital, and there is plenty of room for extending the campaign at a later date with these additional games. I'm not going to do that immediately. It is time to let Mirish bask in its victory for now.



  1. Although I knew that was a possibility it still caught me by surprise. Good stuff. I look forward to hearing about the continuing adventures in Talomir.

    1. I figure there will still be room to play 'Great Hall Burning' in north-western Talomir. Also, jousts, pit fights, gladiatorial combats and general adventuring will still carry on. I'm sure that the Mirish hegemony will not prevent politics from happening, so smaller wars between local potentates are definitely a possibility. So much more potential gaming here. Feel free to weigh in with ideas if you want to play a game or two with your lad and post them here.

  2. That was epic. Mirish victory on the finish line. Well done for this exciting campaign.

    1. Thank you. Now to work out what to do with the rest of my life. ;)

  3. Missed this post, simply a brilliant job you did sir, much appreciated! Hmm, perhaps a new scenario book based on the end of days?

    1. Thank you. There's certainly an opportunity for a new scenario book, perhaps involving skirmish scenarios that give advantages in a grand final battle between the forces of the Red Sun and the Black Moon. Advantages might be things like getting neutral armies to side with you, or recruiting powerful wizards to your side. That may be overcomplicating it, but that's the kind of guy I am! :)


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