Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Autumn 988 - Brethren in Arms

Luther van der Walk was pleased that the Brethren had chosen to invade. Now he would prove his worth and crush them. The battlefield was constrained by two woods, so he would be able to concentrate his best forces in the centre while leaving the rank and file to secure the flanks with the aid of these natural obstacles.

Seeing the enemy deployed in similar fashion, he directed his wizard, Endora Henbane, to target the enemy general with a blast of mystic power. She obliged and Brethren General Miles Gloriosus exploded in a fountain of blood and guts that caused his entire unit to bolt forward. Despite the loss of their general, the remainder of the army was unperturbed. With the general dead, Luther was convinced that victory would be easy. While his main body stood still, he orderd the skirmishers forward into the woods to secure them against the enemy skirmishers.

With that the enemy began to advance piecemeal. This would be even easier than he had thought. Brethren knights and sergeants charged his position, leaving their less impetuous comrades behind. Seeing a chance to remove some of the enemy threat, Luther led his cavalry forward in a charge against the advancing knights. They were sore hurt already but the fight went against Luther and his cavalry were driven back. A panicked cavalryman grabbed Luther's bridle.

"My lord, they are too strong for us." So saying the cavalryman turned Luther's horse around despite his protests and fled for the rear. Luther's horse bolted with the rest of the cavalry and suddenly Borderers were streaming to the rear on all sides.

A few lone units fought on, struggling to stem the tide of the advancing Brethren.

It was useless. They were isolated and cut down by the faster Brethren sergeants, leaving only a few spearmen to retreat. Many more were cut down in the pursuit.

This battle saw the Wizard killing the Brethren general in the first turn; yet another example of Steve's fabled ability to throw sixes at the wrong moment. Unfortunately, the Border Kingdoms cavalry, with their general, routed in the first melee they fought. This left the borderers much weakened and unable to coordinate their defence properly. The Brethren mounted troops were able to waltz around the Borderers and pick them apart at will after that.

The Border Kingdoms lost a territory and their morale collapsed so they surrendered to the Brethren. I wonder if there will be a Border Kingdom after the Goblin invasion in their other territory?

Border Kingdoms
1 Retinue Cavalry
4 Borderers
2 Skirmishers

The Brethren had no permanent losses.

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