Sunday, 11 October 2009

Autumn 988 - A Farewell to Empire

Sir Geoffrey Chambers was a happy man. He led a small company of mercenaries normally, but today he was at the head of a battle-hardened army, invading the greatest empire that Talomir had ever known. This type of action suited his aggressive nature and his confidence was bolstered by the fact that he knew the enemy army had taken a beating recently. Naturally, he was confident.

With the enemy force arrayed before him, Sir Geoffrey could see that he outnumbered them ten to one or better. This would be a walkover. Even the enemy wizard, a runty little man called Pharos, was by all accounts not particularly a great threat. Well, he would swamp the wizard with bodies if he had to. He ordered the advance. The enemy awaited him on the reverse slope of a hill.

As he closed on them he ordered the archers on his flanks to swing around and encircle the enemy. He and his knights charged but were driven back by the enemy. The mystical aura was stronger than expected and he failed to trample them underfoot immediately. However, the enemy wizard fell in that initial onrush. He regathered his troops and charged again. This time the enemy fell like wheat before a scythe. The Tropilium general was last seen disappearing under Sir Geoffrey's horses hooves and the man's soldiers scattered and were cut down.

Sir Geoffrey had conquered new territory for this current masters. Perhaps he would be rewarded with a more permanent position now ...

This was the most unbalanced game we have ever played. A single Tropilium Legionary unit faced thirteen units of Treyine soldiery. Kudos to Steve for stepping up to the mark and trying to hurt the Treyine army before they could destroy him.

The end result was the total destruction of the Tropilium troops and the wounding of Pharos the Mage and the Tropilium general. Pharos will be out of the campaign for two seasons, while the general will return in three seasons.

After the battle, Tropilium morale collapsed and they surrendered to the Treyine army.


  1. If I were Tropilium I'd have refused combat to keep what little they had intact for winter...

  2. They would still have lost the province had they refused combat three times. They will get a new army come the Spring turn too, so they had little to lose, although getting the wizard and the general both wounded was bad luck. Steve was hoping that he might do some damage to the Treyine army in the process.

  3. Tough choices are why the emperor makes the big bucks...


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