Saturday, 12 December 2009

House Rules 2 - New Encounter Tables

With the realignment of the borders, Talomir is changing. The Border Kingdoms are no more, while the Brethren now have their own kingdom. Therefore, it seems appropriate to re-work the encounter tables for some areas. The following tables indicate changes to the standard encounter tables and show the appropriate lists to roll on.

Humans in the Border Kingdoms have largely left the area and fled to Treyine. Those that remain are fighting a low level guerilla war against the Goblins.

1 - Border Kingdoms (freedom fighters)
2 - Brethren
3 - Treyine
4 - Black Moon Elves
5 - Orcs
6 - Special

Special encounters remain the same

The Abyss (Brethren Kingdom)
The Brethren hate Goblins and all followers of the Black Moon. Therefore, it is assumed that they are resettling Border Kingdoms citizens in the Goblin areas to enhance their control of them, while Goblins that live there have fled to Goblin-controlled areas instead.

Encounters with the authorities = Brethren
Other encounters with locals = Border Kingdoms

1 - Goblins
2 - Goblins
3 - Treyine
4 - Treyine
5 - Hykar
6 - Special

Special Encounters
1 - Mountain Giants
2 - First Ones
3 - Beastmen or Serpentmen
4 - Giant Serpents
5 - Centaurs
6 - Robber Knights (1-3 Border Kingdoms, 4-6 Ekra)

Ekra's Borders have retreated significantly so its encounter table needs to be amended.

1 - Altengard
2 - Altengard
3 - Treyine
4 - Treyine
5 - Treyine
6 - Special

Special encounters remain the same

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