Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Autumn 990 - Campaign Update

Autumn is usually a time of harvest festivals and peaceful feasting. This year it seems to be a last opportunity for nations to take what they can from their neighbours. At the end of Summer the only war had finished with a Mirish victory over Hykar. Now there are five wars starting. Mirholme and Tereken are suffering from wars of unification. Treyine is being invaded by Seniira and Zog-Rot, while Lothgolin is attacking Mirish. Interesting times lie ahead. Who will be the victors in the upcoming struggles? Only the gods of war know.

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  1. A lot of stuff going on in Talomir. I'm particularly interested in what's going on in Mirholme. And what news of Brother Cedric and the Brotherhood?

  2. Thanks, guys. Yes, it all kicked off this autumn as my dice decided to roll low.

    Mirholme is tribal so it must fight a war of unification before they can go off and attack other nations. The same applies to Tereken, which in our version is an Anglo-Saxon nation.

    Brother Cedric is recovering back at home and being ministered to by Griselda the baker's daughter. Rumour suggests that Barbax Gutripper has just given birth to a baby girl in the Treyine capital of Jellsway, where she went in search of Brother Cedric. No doubt she will continue on to Harbottle shortly (about the same time as I finally paint the figure for her).

    The Brethren are retrenching right now and considering their options. It is quite likely that they will pursue a crusade against the Orcs and Goblins in the near future, but their political ambitions are under extreme scrutiny and will not be pursued just yet. Once we add the Dark Elves and the Undead to the campaign, there will be plenty of places for the Brethren to pursue their crusade against the Black Moon.


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