Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Summer 990 - Battle at Ford's Crossing

The Hykar army had deployed in two wings. Light cavalry were on the left flank across the river, ready to sweep around the Mirish flank and cause chaos and confusion in the Mirish ranks. Hardecg Legbiter was on the right flank with the other half of the light cavalry. Their job was to crack the Mirish nut. They would cross at the bridge and use their superior mobility to fall on the Mirish flank and rear while they were distracted by the left flank. The Mirish deployed with light infantry on their right flank and light cavalry on their left flank. Their heavy cavalry was right of centre while their elephants and ogres were left of centre.

The initial manoeuvres went well. The Hykari ponygirls were able to draw off the enemy skirmish infantry, surround them and drive them from the field at little cost to themselves. The enemy light cavalry was also drawn quickly to the right flank.
(Hykari movements marked by blue arrows and Mirish by red. For reference, the Mirish also have lighter bases. Click the pics for larger versions)

Although the enemy light cavalry was destroyed they astoundingly managed to rout a larger number of Hykari ponygirls.

With most of the Mirish light infantry destroyed and the rest about to be destroyed, the Hykari ponygirls set about harassing the Mirish Clibanarii, although enemy cataphracts managed to catch and drive from the field a unit of Hykari.
(Mirish Cataphracts are the top two stands in this photo)

With the enemy light cavalry destroyed, Hardecg Legbiter rallied her troops to her and took up position behind a hedge. The enemy sent in Ogres and Elephants at her and she drove off the first unit of elephants, who stampeded over the enemy levy infantry and destroyed them.

As the action on the Hykari right flank became more desperate, the war artist was unable to capture the images of it. In the swirling melee between the Ogres, remaining Elephants and the brave Hykari girls, Hardecg was knocked from her horse and badly wounded. Despite this, her troops fought on, but were overwhelmed without her leadership.

Meanwhile, on the left flank, two units of ponygirls remained. They had given the Mirish Clibanarii a pasting (The dice show hits. Those Clibanarii were not going to be a serious part of the fighting now with so many hits on them). The Cataphracts, who were fresh, were a different matter. Their horse rumbled slowly across the ground towards the heroic ponygirls, who decided that discretion was the better part of valour.

The result was a close-fought Mirish victory with no permanent casualties on either side. As long as the Hykar light cavalry were able to retain formation they were a serious threat to the Mirish and could have fought on. Unfortunately the loss of their leader to a freak OOF result left them scuppered. With her war rating they could have retained formation, regrouped and taken the fight to the enemy. Without her the Mirish were able to focus on smaller groups of Hykari and destroy them piecemeal. Steve's comment about the light cavalry was one of amazement at the brutality of their attacks in the early game. Clearly we are learning to use them properly now.


  1. Enjoyed seeing some of the less played armies get on the table. Nice report,

  2. Thanks, Ed. It was a great and close-fought game. RrtK (and WH before that) is one of our favourite games, because it always throws out some interesting results. The new major pursuit system is less brutal than the old one too, which helps keep the continuing battles more interesting. No more single stands trying to fight off a whole army (we hope).

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