Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn 991 - Campaign Update

The Summer saw the annihilation of Seniira and Lothgolin as sovereign nations, while Altengard's imperialist ambitions were thwarted in Capalan. With the last months of the campaigning season upon us, new conflicts have arisen.

The Capalan League is driving into Altengard in a bid to avenge their fallen.
Treyine has chosen to invade Naz-Goth.
The Black Moon Elves of Gorath have invaded Mirish in retaliation for the Mirish annexation of Lothgolin, which the Elves claim is theirs by right.
The dwarves of Bal-a-Tor have declared a holy war against their Red Sun Drum brethren.

The face of Talomir looks set to change once more before the Winter comes.


  1. Thanks, David. I'm working on the whole of Talomir in CC3, but Real Life(tm) is not helping at the moment. Still, slow progress is being made.


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