Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Treyine Victor Est

Lord Father,

  I write to you from the field of victory, upon which I now stand. By the side of Treyine's most noble general, the Lord De La Warre. Our foe, Alerio Nequam of Seniira, used all of his craft to bring us to battle on a field of his choosing. Twice we outflanked him until we met in the hills west of the capital. We had out scouted and out maneuvered them once again. I have hired the services of a local artist, Leonardo something or other, to render drawings of the battles disposition. Firstly Nequam chose yet another static defense. In his wisdom Lord De La Warre chose the Penetrate Center stratagem.

Treyine at the bottom, Seniira at top.

  We took our advantage and rushed, en masse to reach the hill crest. The Goblins and Hykar merceneries skirted the rocky terrain while the cavalry, under Sir Fitz Hugh, and some Archers remained in reserve.

Treyine takes the hill

  The Seniirans responded  manfully, if not desperately, with a charge of their own which we counter charged as the tired up the slope.

Seniira valiantly charges, but is met with stiff resistance.

The sides of our line, held by bow and arquebus, laid down a withering fire. On the right of the line the arquebusiers were even able to withstand the charge of the Eskelin mercenary knights in the service of Seniira. Our troops pushed inexorably forward.

The Seniiran skirmishers are routed and the line gives ground.

But the Seniirans were desperate men so they came at us again.

Seniira draws some blood but is it too late?
Then the archers on our right came up and routed the Eskelin knights with a hail of arrows. While the Hykar mercenaries worked around the left and harried a Seniiran infantry unit off the field.

The flanks collapse on Seniira.

Again they came at us and Alerio Nequam himself stormed toward the Spear of St. Lindorf and mightily battered Lord De La Warre himself, nearly causing him harm.

Seniira deals death and nearly harms the Treyine general.

But, in a battle frenzy, Lord De La Warre dropped his shield and gripped his war hammer in both hands mightily striking down Nequam and taking him out of the fight. I must say that I admired the determination of the now leaderless Seniirans at this point.

Seniira is now enveloped by missle fire from the flank and rear.
In a last ditch effort the Senirrans tried to charge up the hill again and one of their auxiliaries tried to deal with the flanking fire from our Archers.

Seniira routes a couple of Treyine units.

But the end is now at hand as more arrows unman the last few enemy units.

The final unit accepts terms.
It is another glorious victory for the forces of Treyine. We are sending Nequam and his servant Festus back to the capital a hostages. Soon there will be more hostages than courtiers at court, what with all those brethren there.

Your dutiful son,

Rancent Symes, squire to Lord De La Warre.

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