Monday, 18 March 2013

Summer 993 - Campaign Update

It was a Spring of battles, with Tereken beating off a Capalan invasion, while Altengard trounced both Capalan and Valkae forces. The Orcs fought off an invasion by Mountain Giants, who have returned to their mountain fastnesses to brood on their defeat. Northern Tropilium was beaten by Tropilium and suffered a total morale collapse. Finally, Mangu invaded The Abyss and trounced them. The Abyss capitulated immediately.

With the great wars over, it is only western Talomir that is racked by war as Altengard pursues its aggressive expansionist policies and Tereken seeks to become large enough to defend itself from Altengardian oppression. The rest of Talomir seems to have lost its stomach for warfare for the time being. Shall we see a resurgence of warfare in the Autumn as nations seek to take a last minute advantage before the winter?
Talomir at the beginning of Summer 993
Ongoing Wars (Aggressor first)
Altengard versus Valkae
Altengard versus Capalan
Tereken versus Capalan

Altengard chooses to focus all its efforts against Capalan this season, granting Valkae a respite. Capalan chooses to defend solely against Altengard, knowing that their army cannot be divided and withstand both enemies.

No new wars have broken out this season.
Western Talomir

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