Friday, 15 February 2013

Spring 993: Godwin prevails!

Capalan had invaded Tereken!

The wizards helped by casting healing spells and one blast on the guards, which may have made the difference. They tried Icy Finger of Death twice, but Bonaduce shrugged it off both times. Godwin really saved Tereken's bacon.


  1. Good result, Sean. About time you won! ;) Were there any permanent casualties in the pursuit?

    National Morale:
    Capalan morale goes down 1.
    Tereken morale remains high.
    The war continues.

  2. Yes, sorry I forgot to mention. Godwin road down one of the City Knight units. All others returned.

    And it was about time. When the Huscarls evaporated I thought I was done for, then Uhtred falling OOF and miraculously the Levies made their Leader Lost check. I guess sticking together in a bunch really helped.

    1. That should be "rode", ah well English is my first language.

  3. English is such a pain with all those awkward homophones, eh? :)

    So, Godwin rode the knights down on the road. Ok. That will make the next battle easier for you.


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