Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Winter 993 - Campaign Update

The year 993 saw Valkae disappear beneath the armies of Altengard and Treyine. The Capalan League is now a single enclave in the mountains surrounded by nations keen to annex it and only protected for the time being by peace treaties that will last a matter of months at best. Naz Goth is in a perilous state. Its attempt to recapture land from the Undead hordes was swiftly beaten back and now it faces a fight for its very existence. Although both nations were shaken by their recent battle, the fight will continue. Mangu's attempt to take Mirish territory has failed and they have now been driven back, but must face a renewed onslaught from Mirish. The nation of Treyine now marks the central dividing line of northern Talomir. Any western nation that wishes to conquer the east must first go through Treyine, and vice versa. The stage is set for a huge showdown in the near future ... or will the leaders of Talomir see sense and forge a lasting peace treaty?
Talomir in the Winter of 993
As the Winter progresses, Talomir is rocked by a wave of deaths among the wizards. Sages state that the end times are approaching; that magic is becoming unstable. Others point out that they were not the most skilled of mages and probably tried things that they were not capable of dealing with. Only time will tell who is right.

The King of Mirish has died unexpectedly. The circumstances of his death are uncertain and his replacement is being decided in the courts of Mirish even as the heralds announce this news.

Meanwhile, in the vaults of the High Church of the Red Sun a lowly cleric has uncovered the Amulet of Sorbrowane. Clearly the Pontiff had placed it there for safe-keeping. Will this prove the key to the rejuvenation of the Tropilium empire?

Leader Deaths
The Mirish leader has died.
Two Mirish L1 Mages have died
In Northern Tropilium an L1 Mage has died
In Tropilium an L1 Mage has died

Magic Items
Drums of Doom: Stygustan
Fiddle of Calling: Treyine
Harlapane of Heroes: Altengard
Pipes of the Dead: Not found yet

Amulet of Sorbrowane: Tropilium.
Brazier of Durmun: Return in Autumn 994.
War Horn of Naz-Goth: Not found yet.

Holy Relics
Crystal Light of Yakub: Mirish.
Spear of St Lindorf: Treyine.
Book of the Hungry Moon: Naz Goth.

As Winter comes to a close, the will to fight in Mirish and Naz Goth diminishes, but both are determined to soldier on in the face of adversity. The wars will continue in the Spring.

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