Saturday, 18 May 2013

Spring 994 - Campaign Update

Spring arrives early this year and with it the nations of Talomir prepare for another round of grabbing what they can. Every single nation that can go to war has declared war on someone, leading to a merry-go-round of invasions. Superb! Rumours of an invasion of Barylistan by herds of Beastmen have arrived from the south, but that is not the concern of our nations, for they all have their own problems.

Magic-User Availability
Capalan League recruits 1 Level 1 Magic-User
Mangu recruits 1 Level 1 Magic-User
Mirish recruits 2 Level 1 Magic-Users.
Stygustan recruits 2 Level 1 Magic-Users.

Hero Availability
Mangu recruits a hero (Rep 7, AC 6, Mtd Melee, ET, TER, WR 1)

Mercenary Availability
Northern Tropilium recruits 1 Riata Warrior company.
Tereken recruits 1 company of Eskelin Knights.
Tropilium Recruits the Black Company and 2 Riata Warrior companies.

Going to War (aggressor listed first)
Mirish invades Mangu
The Abyss invades Naz-Goth
Tereken invades Altengard
Treyine invades Altengard
Tropilium invades Stygustan
Talomir in Spring 994


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