Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spring 995 - The Mirish Invasion of The Abyss

The Mirish Empire was in ebullient mood and had decided to eradicate those desiccated old sticks in The Abyss as part of their plan to make Talomir better by making all Talomir be like Mirish. The Abyss had other ideas and deployed with their right flank anchored on a large hill with a stagnant lake in front of it. The Mirish army was deployed on the plain in front of them.
Mirish advanced, leading with the elephants and infantry. Their light cavalry refused the right flank and their skirmish infantry advanced to attempt to sweep around the Undead flank. The Abyssal general with his cavalry rode to meet the Mirish skirmishers. The rest of the Abyssal army advanced at full speed, putting their hope in their ability to reach and kill the enemy general before they were all destroyed. Actually, as Undead they had no hope, so perhaps that was the problem.
As the Undead advanced, the Mirish light cavalry bore swiftly down on their left flank. The Undead skirmishers sought to stay their advance but failed, being blasted and destroyed by a coven of wizards. The Undead general rode his cavalry through the enemy skirmishers on the right and drove off two thirds of them but the cavalry were grievously hurt in the process. The Mirish skirmishers were too accurate with their slings and Undead bones were broken with too great ease. In the centre, the Undead front rank carved up the Mirish elephants with consummate ease, although the Riatan mercenaries thought better of their presence here and headed for the nearest pub.
At this point the melee devolved into the usual ruck. Mirish cavalry were driven back and routed but Undead bones were not numerous enough to absorb the punishment that they received. It was a battle of attrition and Mirish had greater numbers. They had taken severe casualties, but it was the Undead whose bones littered the field at the end of the day. Mirish had won and the Undead were driven from their homelands. They still had territory, but their morale had taken a beating and they had lost more than half their army in the battle and subsequent pursuit. Despite this they remain a threat and will continue the war next season.

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  1. Always tough when an entire flank evaporates. I'm hoping that my battle report will be worth the wait. Any day now.


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