Thursday, 20 March 2014

Stygustan vs Treyine - Spring 995

Well it's finally here, my battle for the Talomir Tales campaign. I'm sorry that it took so long and I hope it was worth the wait. I just purchased Comic Life 3 and am still learning how to use it, so please be gentle in your criticism. I would say that, had I known how it would work, I would have made different choices with the source photographs.


The battle was a real slog, but seemed winnable by either side up until the end. It took seven turns to play, which I think is the longest to date. Massed bow fire is a big advantage and the 4 bowmen per unit of Stygustan gave them the edge.

My decision to finish painting the Treyine forces was the main thing that held up fighting this out. In the future I will not make you wait for my slow painting.  If you want to see them in their glory you can find them here and here.

None of the Treyine forces were caught in the pursuit after battle.

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  1. Great report, Sean. As a result of this battle Treyine capitulates to Stygustan.


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