Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Icy Finger of Death - Altengard vs. Tropilium

"What of the Hero?" the General asked.
"We failed," came the reply. 
"Then we have one more chance. Bring me the Wizard..."
There's more to this story. Here's what happened the night before.

Three hours later the Army of Tropilium awaits on one-tree hill for the Altengard attack. As the Altengard forces close the ground, it becomes a race. Hero versus Wizard.

The plan was to cast the Icy Finger of Death spell on the Hero when he came within 12" range. The War Horn would be sounded when he was within 12" of the Tropilium Army. I figures you had to be active and could nothing except sound the horn. This gave the Wizards a chance. The NP Caster Table came up attack spell so they tried...and failed.

The Hero blew the horn next turn and the Wizards cast again, this time with good results, the Hero going Out of the Fight.

The Tropilium Legionaries were awesome on contact with modifiers for Elite Training and Close Combat Weapons. They were lucky and rolled a 1 and 2 for morale so stayed. But the next turn it went south with their low Morale (3) and the -1 for the war horn, when added to the casualties taken, being too much to overcome.


  1. Even badly commanded Altengard wins! ;-)

  2. I got excited when the hero went down, I've never caught anyone with Icy Finger of Death. Low rep is a killer in those grind it out combats. As long as Altengard is busy with everyone else Tereken can breath a sigh of relief. Here's to all out war between the super powers. Let the little guys feed on the edges.

  3. Tropilium national morale decreases by 1 and the war will continue next season.

  4. Javier,
    Yes, Mirish money proved not money well spent. : )


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