Tuesday, 27 May 2014

End Times? Face of the Demon Finale

Part One
The battle now centered around the Demon as the Black Moon Incarnate units had been routed off or weakened, rendering them useless. But the Demon was a different story.

The Demon charged and forced 2 Clibinarii mounted units to retire as the horses wanted nothing to do with the Demon.

The Demon was a Fanatic so didn't take Reaction Tests. He would have to be given 8 hits to be eliminated.
Mounted units that melee infantry  and do not rout them, will retire and take 1 hit. This was added to any casualties the Demon gave out so each cavalry unit was good for only one or two charges.

Breaking through the first line of cavalry the Demon attacked the two Cataphract units. Pereira commanded one but there was no stopping the Demon as it dealt out casualties and drove off the cavalry.

The Demon caught and routed off one of the units as it tried to retire, Pereira being lucky enough to get further away. The Demon attacked again and the Cataphract unit retired, Pereira not being hit.

The retiring Mirish cavalry regrouped, fired missiles and charged the Demon from all directions, losing at least one casualty in every fight and retire.

 Eventually the Demon was worn down to only 2 hits left.

 Luckily, there's that luck word again,  all of the cavalry had bows and could fire at the Demon, occasionally causing a hit but only if two or more units could fire. AC 8 is a very tough target.

The second group of cavalry applied the 7th hit, then retired for good. Pereira dismounted realizing that the horses would not stand versus the Demon. He had to fight and hope to score a hit on the Demon. In any case another retire would be a disaster. Pereira readied his unit to charge in the final attack on the Demon.

It never happened. 
Shazaam the Great activated first and let loose a Blast spell, giving the 8th and final hit. With a scream the Demon departed Talomir.
I had a great strategy but staying mounted was a total mistake on my part. 
If the BMI units had better morale, even Rep 4, the battle would have gone differently. 
As it was, the turning point was when the Horde unit caught Shazaam and the casters in melee and rolled a "1". Both routed but as Shazaam's Rep was higher it remained on the field. Half of the hits scored on the Demon came from four Blast spells.
I realize that magic can work pretty well when attacking only one unit. In any case, the Demon is gone and sure to return. Hopefully somewhere else!
Never fought against a Major Demon before and must say they are tough and it takes a series of lucky events to align to defeat it. If I never fight one again, I'm good with it!


  1. So Pereira finally made it, doh!
    Great BATREP

  2. Superb fight. I think it should be tea and medals all round for the Mirish army. After that fight they deserve it. :)

  3. More like an inquisition as to how come the Creator didn't know better than to get off the horses!

    1. Mirish should celebrate first and then have a purge to remove those nobles who refused to fight on foot. I bet Altengard would like that. :)

  4. With the demon vanquished, the territories it captured revert back to the owners that held them before it arrived. This means that Treyine and Mirish each get a province back.

    The Abyss rolls for National Morale at this point and loses another morale point, but is willing to continue the war. Mirish cannot fail and so will invade The Abyss in the Spring, if The Abyss does not surrender before then.

  5. Mirish cannot fail and so will invade The Abyss in the Spring, if The Abyss does not surrender before then.

    Cool, I love a parade!

  6. Well done General Pereira! I need to get cracking on my battle.

    1. Yup, we're just waiting on you, Sean! :)

    2. Why break with tradition.

    3. That is a good point and well made. :-D

  7. More like, incredibly lucky. But as they say "Better lucky than good!"


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