Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Spring 997- The Bows of Treyine

Sorry to have taken so long on this one, I have decided that going forward I will just play with what I have on hand. Every time I try to get the whole army painted before the battle I fail miserably.

 Grand Master Roderick was a young zealot with a fervor for the old glory of the order. Reactionary elements had ushered him into power and fed his delusion that the Red Sun wanted it's kingdom on Talomir.

 Lord De La Warre had defeated these fanatics before. The orders lands had been reverted to the crown. He would not truck with these upstarts, they would be defeated again.

During the pursuit none of the Brethren were lost. I suspect that the Spear of St. Lindorf was lost when Grand Master Roderick routed. The Wind Maiden was interesting but ended up not playing much of a role in the battle. I counted the air ships as 3 separate flyers for scouting, this gave Treyine a big advantage which led to them becoming the attacker.

 I feel like I have yet to use cavalry effectively. The Brethren Knights charged because of an Enemy Threat Test and then could not score a hit due to poor dice rolling. The odds did seem stacked against them from the start though.


  1. The Treyine yeoman archer is a mighty force when used well, or the enemy does not use subterfuge.

    Despite winning the battle, Treyine capitulates to the Brethren army. The wars on all sides have taken their toll and the Treyine army has been bled white for too long.

    The Spear of St Lindorf disappeared from the battlefield. Perhaps a humble soldier, not realising what it was, has burnt it to keep warm in the cool spring night.

    Brethren morale remains high. They would never let a setback like this deter them from attacking again.

  2. I did not expect Treyine to weary of war. Although the battle was not decisive, it was never in question as to who would prevail.

    1. Treyine has been at war for a long time now and their morale has slowly been eroded. Even with a victory to their name, the state of their morale made it likely that they would fail further or submit.


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