Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mirish versus the Brethren

"Yes?" Pereira asked the Brethren Messenger.
"The Grand Master issues a personal challenge to you," the Brother Knight said with a smile. "Surely one so honorable as the General cannot refuse."
"It's a fair fight, the Master wishes I presume," Pereira replied.
"Yes, a fair fight."
Pereira stared at the messenger with no show of emotion. 
"Tell him he will get as fair a fight as he gave those during the Jellway Massacre. He has 1 hour."


  1. Yeah, the Brethren should have thought that through a little.

  2. They did think it through. They thought, "See the enemy. Charge the enemy. Watch the enemy be crushed under our horses' hooves." That's how the Brethren think! :)

  3. Brethren pass 1D on National Morale and their morale decreases by 1. Mirish passes 2D. The war will continue against the Brethren.
    Mirish passes 0D versus Mangu and sues for peace. Mangu passes 2D Peace will last for 2 years.

    Ed, what permanent casualties did the Brethren suffer?

  4. Sorry Ruaridh,
    Permanent casualties.
    1 Brother Knights
    1 Brother Sergeants
    1 HeavySpear
    1 Peasants
    1 Peasant Archers
    1 Treyine Archers

    And that idiot that negotiated the peace treaty with Mangu.

    1. You can't fight the double 6s!

      Thanks for the butcher's bill. Looks like there will be no need to play out the invasion of the Brethren territory next season. :)

    2. Oh, and that idiot was your Emperor! Better watch your tongue, Pereira!! ;)

    3. I had hoped to crush the Brethren then go after the Mangu. Oh yee of little faith.


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