Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Summer 997 - The Battle of the Abyssal Hordes

The battlefield had a small woods on one side and a large plateau running down the other side and into the centre. This consisted of hills in four sectors that we joined together because we could. Stygustan occupied the hill and Altengard chose to attack up it rather than to manoeuvre round it.

Although the Stygustani army routed, the demon remained and routed the Altengardian army, killing its general. As a result, there were no permanent losses other than the Obviously Dead general and a wizard who overextended himself. We ruled it an Altengardian win because they had defeated Stygustan. The demon was just a road bump and could be dealt with properly this turn as Altengard occupied the province.

The Butcher's Bill
1 Altengardian General
1 Level 1 Wizard

Both armies passed 2D on National Morale, so the war will continue next season.

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