Thursday, 8 October 2015

Autumn 998 - Campaign Update

The ancient empire of Stygustan, home of the oldest gods of Talomir lies in ruins, its nectarine orchards now controlled by the dastardly General Pereira, whose lust for the delights of this fruit knows no bounds. Meanwhile, the Mangu army drinks kumis and licks its wounds after a hard-fought battle that nearly meant a heroic defeat under the chariot wheels of the effete Stygustani.

With the collapse of Stygustan, Talomir's fields are briefly quiet, untrampled by any armies until rumblings are heard from Treyine. Wind maiden ships appear over the horizon flying above the colourful standards of the Treyine nobility. Treyine has seen an opportunity and plans to pluck the last of the nectarine orchards before General Pereira can do so. Will Stygustan still be a sovereign nation by the winter? Only time will tell.

For the rest of Talomir, all nations are bound by treaties sworn in the presence of the gods. Peace must reign there, or the gods will wish to know why not.

The situation at the start of Autumn 998:

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