Thursday, 8 October 2015

Stygustan versus Mangu - Fight to the Bitter End

"Are you sure, Magic Man?" the Stygustan General asked. "Can you summon a Major Demon?"
"This spell will bring death and destruction to the battlefield my General," was the reply.
It did. But not in the way the Magician intended.
As the Mangu army moved forward the Stygustanni army moved down the hill. This is when the Magic User tried a very ambitious Summon Spell. It failed.
Meanwhile the infantry chose not to stand and be shot at and charged instead! 

 The unexpected charge forced the 1st Mangu line of skirmishing cavalry to retire, then rout  as the infantry followed up.
 The 2nd line of Mangu cavalry, the lancers counter-charged and swept the infantry away. On the right the Mangu skirmishers poured deadly fire into the Magic Users, taking the Class 3 and one Class 2 Out of the Fight. Worse still, the remaining Magic Users routed away. 120 points of Magic thrown away due to trying the Summon Spell

 The archers, outnumbered and surrounded, moved into missile ranch of 3rd line of Mangu cavalry. The Stygustan General, seeing the Mangu sweeping in from the right, charged the Mangu skirmishers to his front, driving them away.

 The Mangu General led a charge to sweep them away. The archers fired and fought in melee.
Luck was with them - big luck as in rolling snake eyes on the Involved In Melee Test. Because the cavalry didn't break the archers on the first turn they retired, having suffered many hits.
The archers followed up on their turn, fired and  the Mangu General went down!

 A Leader Lost test was taken  the Mangu cavalry lancers left the field except for the relatively untouched skirmishers. The Stygustan General charged with is Light Chariots the remaining Mangu heavy cavalry, who routed from the field.

In desperation the Mangu skirmishers charged the archers from behind and routed them off. Following they isolated the Stygustani General and routed him as well, sending him Out of the Fight. The remaining Stygustanni routed away on a failed Leader Lost test.
Stygustan lost 3 archers and 1 infantry in the pursuit.
There was a 3% chance of the Magic User trying a Summon Gate Spell. Having failed, it was a waste of 120 Magic Points. But I  guess that's why we roll dice.


  1. Wow, that's a bloody battle. Mangu was lucky not to lose. Of course, summoning the major demon failed this time, but imagine if it had turned up.

    Following this defeat and the additional loss of a territory to Mirish, Stygustan sues for peace with both aggressors.

    Peace with Mirish will last until Summer 1000.
    Peace with Mangu will last until Summer 1002

  2. Wow! That one was back and forth. I thought Stygustan pulled it out there for a minute. Was the unit with the Star where the mages were? Summoning demons is great if it works. But yeah, it's tough to hinge your whole battle plan on it and not have it go off.

    1. Yes, that's where the MUs were. I thought that rolling a Summon spell was bad but with 11d6 of magic to roll I felt pretty good. Figured skeletal units or something similar. The the one came up and the Gate spell would roll 10d6. Came up 8 to 7, close, but fatal.


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