Saturday, 2 April 2016

Campaign Update - Summer 999

Treyine has split Tropilium in two, but the fight spirit that forged an empire remains strong in the Tropilian people and they resolve to go down swinging if go down they must.

The peace treaty between Mirish and Mangu ends. It is no surprise then that both nations mass their armies on their borders for immediate reprisals against their hated enemies. Mirish takes the initiative though, and launches an invasion of Mangu.

Talomir Summer 999
Ongoing Wars:
Treyine invades Tropilium
Mirish invades Mangu


  1. "Sonya," General Pereira said," Be a dear and pack some nectarines for me. Have a quick business trip to Mangu but I'll be back soon."

    1. Yes, there are some nectarine plantations there that need liberating! :)


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