Saturday, 30 April 2016

Cannons and Caster - Mangu and Mirish to the Death

I played the Mirish side and rolled for the Mangu battle plan at random. Feigned Flight worked very well as it forced my cavalry to chase the skirmishers, taking casualties as they did. The cannon did considerable damage, more than I've ever seen before. Lucky for me the Casters did a good job.


  1. Mangu lost 2 Yen Yen cannons and 2 skirmishers in the rout (unusual to see skirmishers get caught like that) but the war will continue as both nations succeeded on 2 dice in the National Morale check. Both the Drums of Doom (9 months) and the Brazier of Durmun (3 months) were lost and will reappear in the noted time.

    1. That should read 'seasons', not 'months'.

  2. Replies
    1. Heh, it happens. :) Seems to have been a game of extremes.

  3. These cavalry affairs really swirl around. Good stuff.

  4. Mangu still kept the traitorous Mirish skirmishers. I've adjusted my army roster over here to reflect that.


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