Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hands of the Gods - Mirish and the Mangu

"Why did we not fight to the death, oh Great Khan?"
"The winds blow cold and soon it will be winter. And winter's demands cannot be ignored. Let us see our fate in the Spring."
Because the Mangu were severely outnumbered I played them and tried some desperate measures. Icy Finger of Death attempt on the Mirish Leader- thwarted by the Mirish Magic Users. Tried to outflank them, get to their leader if I could. No chance. Once they unveiled the Crystal Light of Yakub their morale increased by one and there was no way to resist their frontal assault. Decided to withdraw and hopefully someone in the Mirish leaderships would die. But, there may be another way...
 I decided to play this one out using my paper armies. The battle lines are set and I send out my two wings. The plan is to get around the flanks and attack the unit with the Mirish Leader. My Casters attempt a Icy Finger of Death spell but are stopped by the Mirish Casters.

The Mirish light cavalry advances and missile fire is exchanged. After a couple of rounds they rout away, but are replaced with Mirish heavy cavalry.

 Inspired by the Light of Yakub (+1 to Rep) they charge home and sweep my flank away. The Mirish center begins to move forward.

Their front line of skirmishers routs off but with nothing opposing them the main line moves towards my leader. I decide to break off and leave the battlefield. As most of my army is mounted Light Cavalry, casualties are zilch.

As winter comes, maybe things will change.

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  1. Despite losing the battle, Mangu morale remains high (pass 2D). Mirish morale also remains high (pass 2D). The advantage initiative moves to Mirish which will press the war further in the Spring.


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