Saturday, 11 February 2017

Winter 1000 - Campaign Update

The Mangu invasion of Mirish did not go as planned, but it provided a brief respite for Treyine. Both Mirish and Mangu are eager to pursue their hostilities against each other, but enthusiasm for the war against Treyine is waning in Mirish (Pass 1D, NM -1). Before any more can happen, winter sets in and the armies must retire to their winter quarters.

During the winter, a freak snow flurry freezes a Tereken mage in place, and she dies. No other deaths are reported this season.

Through the winter, the doves have the ear of the Grand Vizier of Mirish and morale plummets as a result of this (pass 1D versus Mangu, but 0D versus Treyine). Mirish sues for peace with Treyine and national morale goes down another point. The hawks must hope that a successful invasion of Mangu will restore national pride, and their place of influence.
Talomir in Winter 1000


  1. Frozen Wizards eh? Sorry I seem to have ignored a plea from Yahoo to change my password and don't have the old one in front of me to log in on the computer. Let me know if you need anything from me.

    1. Hi Sean,

      Yes, I need your army recruiting choices for the spring turn, please. Do you need me to send you my email address again? Do you have a new one?



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