Friday, 28 August 2009

Hykar - Horsewomen of the central steppes

Every girl wants a pony for her birthday. It's a given. So what happens when all the small girls that were refused ponies band together and take them? The nation of Hykar is born, that is what.

The nation of Hykar is a confederation of steppe tribes ruled by women. Women rule the society and run everything. Men in Hykar society have no rights or say in what happens. Tribal councils strictly forbid men from taking part in any decision-making process. For this reason, the Hykari look down upon their neighbours, who are ruled by men. This makes diplomacy very difficult. The Hykari's primary interests in life are ponies and bling and they believe that it is their right to take either or both of these from the inferior peoples around them, or even from each other.

The Hykari army (click all pictures for larger versions)

The Hykari army comprises huge numbers of light horse supported by a smaller number of wealthy noble Hykari. Women that have not proven their worth yet (Jurgen in the Hykari tongue) are sometimes permitted along on the raids. The wealthier of these Jurgen will ride horses, but most will be on foot. Jurgen are forbidden by Hykari law from wearing pretty clothes or jewellery. Women prove their worth in Hykari society by killing in battle and stealing horses. Once a woman has stolen her first horse and killed her first enemy she may wear the pretty things that she aspires to. This is a badge of her social status and is important to getting along in Hykari society. The women of Hykar mark their status by their clothes and jewellery, and also by twining ribbons in their ponies' manes and tails. The more ribbons a pony has, the more bloodthirsty and vicious its rider is likely to be.

Hykari Heroines and Leaders

Hykari Nobles

Hykari Warriors

Jurgen (left to right: Nobles, Spearwomen, Skirmishers)

Note: Warrior Heroes states that the Hykari army list is based on Huns. I had Amazons, with a preponderance of light horse, in the lead pile and wanted to use them rather than buying new figures, so I have based my Hykari army around the Amazons instead.

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