Friday, 28 August 2009

Winter 987 - The Raid on Gruumsh

After months of searching for an opportunity, Ragnar’s band finally found the village of Gruumsh. This sleepy goblin hamlet looked ripe for the assault. Its inhabitants were no doubt ready for their Yuletide dinner and Ragnar intended to take it from them. The group sneaked close to the village. With a ferocious yell, they all charged into the village. The goblins were stunned and did not react until it was too late. Half a dozen goblins had spilt their guts on the floor before the others started to get organised. However, by then it was too late. Most of them were dead or had fled. Those that remained hiding in the buildings were quickly despatched and the serious business of looting could get under way. None of Ragnar’s group were even injured in this attack! With the loot that he had gained Ragnar’s reputation also improved massively. There would be much to sing about when he returned home.

Finally Ragnar finds something to fight! This was a standard raid scenario that went spectacularly well for our heroes.

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