Friday, 28 August 2009

Winter 987 - Campaign Progress

Following the battles of the autumn, Treyine and Ekra have concluded a peace treaty. The Treyine empire is expanding rapidly but their progress will be hindered now by all the nations around them, with whom they have made treaties.

The Situation during Winter 987 (click for a larger version)

In other news, The Goblin general, Graash the Unflinching, died this winter. It is unclear whether he was poisoned or not, but Gargash Gutripper, the new Goblin leader, swears blind that there was only a natural succession within the Goblin tribes. A spell going awry also seems to have done for the wizard Callifraxia Glories-in-the-Sun. The Treyine army will certainly miss her.

No new heroes have stood up to be counted this winter. Perhaps they fear the Treyine arrows as much as Brother Cedric does now!

With the disappearance of Callifraxia, a number of other wizards have shown their hands. It looks like the Border Kingdoms, Ekra and Tropilium will all be hiring wizards for their armies. Unfortunately for the Goblins of Zog-Rot, they get no recruitment rolls this year, which is a shame because they could have had three wizards!

No new artefacts or magic items have been discovered within the campaign area this winter.

The campaign map now includes the Border Kingdoms as a separate nation from the Brethren, and adds Hykar and Tropilium. Steve is supplying the Tropilium Legionaries. Will they be able to stop Treyine expansion?


  1. This campaign has been a great read! You are an inspiration!

  2. Thank you. It's good to be appreciated. I hope we can continue to keep you entertained. It helps that the system is so good too.


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