Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Spring 989 - Campaign Update

Spring has returned to the land, and with it has come the campaigning season once more. Ekra is enduring an enforced peace and has no valid targets, so it will sit and recover for this year. They must still send aid to Treyine though. Tropilium is in the same position as Ekra and must also help Treyine out.

With events snowballing towards cataclysm, heroes are emerging from the masses to side with their people. The following nations have found heroes to represent them:
Ekra - Sir Gervaise de Fe
Treyine - Sir Alaric Fitzhugh
Zog-Rot - Mughrant

Who has attacked whom?
Hykar has invaded Treyine
The Brethren have attacked Treyine
Mirish has invaded Zog-Rot

It would appear that Barbax Gutripper has heard of Brother Cedric's exploits and is rushing to meet him, and she has taken her army. Clearly she is intent on stopping the pursuing Treyine soldiery from capturing her next husband! In a similar vein, the Brethren have mobilised with a view to meeting Brother Cedric and taking custody of the Spear of St Lindorf. Who knows why the Mirish have invaded Zog-Rot though?

The situation at the start of Spring 989

Armies at the start of Spring 989
Sir Gervaise de Fe (Hero, CV7, AC8, Mtd Melee, ET, Terror, Shock, WR3)
3 Knights
2 Infantry
2 Crossbows
The Black Company

1 Noble Cavalry
19 Cavalry

4 Clibinarii
1 Cataphracts
1 Chionite Cavalry
2 Elephants
1 Levies
3 Skirmishers

3 Veterans
3 Infantry
3 Auxiliaries
1 Skirmishers

The Rock (Brethren)
2 Brother Knights
1 Brother Sergeants
3 Heavy Spears
1 Peasant Foot
3 Crossbows
1 Peasant Archers
1 Goblin Wolf Riders

Sir Geoffrey Chambers (general until Lord De La Warre returns in Summer 989)
Sir Alaric Fitzhugh
1 Foot Knights
3 Infantry
7 Archers
The White Company
1 Level 1 Mage
1 Level 2 Mage
1 Ekran Knights
1 Tropilium Auxiliary Archers

4 Equites
4 Legionaries
1 Auxiliaries (Mixed)
1 Auxiliary Archers
2 Archers
1 Slingers
1 Artillery

Zog-Rot (Goblins)
Mughrant (CV 7, AC 6, Mtd Melee, ET, Terror, Shock, WR3)
3 Archers
6 Goblins
1 Wolf Riders
1 Black Moon Goblins

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